avascular necrosis

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can anyone tell me where I can talk too someone about avascular necrosis ....where the blood supply is cut off from hip to the bone, pain from hip to knee <bone arthritic>..would like to talk to some one about my fears and concerns..hope you can help


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    Dear Moll,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. This particular condition is one of the less common arthritis complications and is rather medical. So what we are able to do with this kind of issue is to offer support - either on here or by private message or if you'd like to call us (on our freephone).

    What is sometimes helpful is to hear the story from you - ie how the problem has been discovered and what NHS service is handling the matter. If the condition is not well controlled or is causing significant worries we are happy to listen, be supportive and signpost you if there are medical answers you still need.

    I hope we can help further
    all the best