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Hello all, my name is Catherine, I am 45 years old I have four children aged from 26 down to 11.

I am a single mother, and was diagnosed with arthritis 16 years ago, I am now chronically arthritic. I also have nerve and muscle problems that cause the arthritis to be more debilitating than perhaps it would be. I have no feeling in my little and ring fingers on both hands, and terrible muscle problems in my legs. All my joints are affected as well as my spine. I can wobble around the house, but have a wheelchair for outside, as I just can't walk anymore, and standing still is a real no-go.

Despite all this, I have quite a sunny personality and a positive attitude to life. At least I am alive. I have a mad cap sense of humour, which keeps me balanced. Only two children at home now, my elder daughter had the nerve to make me a granny when I was far too young :lol: We have a wonderful relationship, and between us get all done we need to, and cope surprisingly well.

Thank you for this amazing forum, I wish I had found it years ago, but at least I have now.

Have a wonderful, and pain free as possible day - Catherine.


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    Hi Catherine,
    welcome from me to the forums, truly a wonderful place. I also have 4 children from 13 to 5. All at school now and im currently off work which means its awfully quiet at home! I enjoy logging on and chatting now and again to folks and i have also had great support over the past few months from others here which has been a godsend.
    It is great you have such a wonderful relationship with your children, i hope i do too when the time comes that they want to fly the nest.
    I am having trouble with my mobility and pain in back and legs, am on lots of meds and docs still troubling over what is causing it all. Arthritis of some kind has been mentioned and im waiting for appt with spinal surgeons about a back op agian.
    YOur sunny disposition is evident in your writing and is great to read. Im unfortunately not so sunny at mo but ill get there!
    Wishing you all the best and welcome once again,
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    hi catherine, im new too,im 42 on my own have 3 kids and was diagnosed with ra last finding it hard to come to terms with the ra and medications and how it has changed way i do alot things.its great u have a sunny outlook but like seamonkey i havent either at the moment!! maybe some of yours will rub off on us.....heres hoping.this forum is a gem of a find and already have found wealth of info from like minded people that suffer the same hope you do tooxx
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    Hi Catherine, welcome from me as well..
    Hope that you are ok today, this place is great for info/advise and also a good laugh which is very often needed for us arthurites eh? Lol

    Hope to catch you around the forum.. Chit chat is a great, light hearted place to be....

    Be well mi dear :grin:
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