Flare up :s

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Hi, I've only been diagnosed with RA for about 7 months and I think I've had a flare up but I'm not sure as it's never gotten this bad before. I've had really bad swollen knees for the last 3 days. It's got to the point that I can't bend my right knee. Kind of panicking because I don't know what to do. It's going to be another 2 weeks before I see my rheumatologist again, so is there anything I can do before this? Would taking more of the steroid help? Oh and I'm currently on methotrexate, sulphasalazine, hydroxychloroquine, prednisolone 7.5mg and I had steroid injections in both knees about a month ago.

Some advice would be amazing.


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    My physio advised me that if i one of my joints were swollen to apply cold and hot... 20 mins of cold(ice in tea towel, bag of peas) and then 20 mins of hot(wheat bag or hot water bottle) she told me to repeat this twice... I have used this technique on my ankles when they have swollen and it has helped... What works for one may not work for another though..
    Could you maybe ring your GP for a telephone appointment, do you have physio? you could maybe ring to see if they could slot you in..
    Sorry to hear you are suffering, it is a horrible feeling, but you are not on your own..
    Hope you feel a bit better soon..
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    Dear KM,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. If you are in this much trouble it's normally totally fine to ring the rheumatology nurse specialist and ask for some advice.

    They may want to see you and decide on examination whether your knees may need injecting.

    I hope you are able to get some help

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    Hey, thanks for replying

    I haven't got a rheumatology nurse specialist. I've only been going to hospital for about 5 weeks. Do you think it's worth trying to contact my rheumatologist or will all the inflammation die down in a couple of days? I'm so confused by it all though, because I've got RA in both my ankles and knees but I've only and the recent flare up in my knees.

    I've only recently had the steroid injections in my knees so would they inject them again so soon? I thought it's recommended to only have the injections a couple of times a year.

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm only 21 and no one in my family has had it so they haven't got a clue!

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    Hi km89,

    I'm so sorry that you are suffering at the moment. It can be really sole destroying when you feel like your joints are flaring, mainly because there is no set time frame as to how long the flare up will last. I've also been using the hot and cold technique and do find it helpful, its definitely worth a try.

    I was diagnosed at 16 (27 now!) so completely understand your confusion and not really being sure what to do next, its hard when you dont really know who to ask for help. in my experience my gp is usually too scared to prescribe anything because of my other meds (taking meth also).

    Do you have a book for your blood results? on the back of mine is the number for the rheumatology nurse at the dept i visit, my rheumatologists secretary and i think a general generic number for the department. Might be worth giving one of them a quick call. I'm sure they will be very understanding.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the advice :)

    Pleased to say that my knees have now 'deflated' again to their normal state! I still don't know if what I had was a flare up because it only lasted for about 3 days but those 3 days were awful. Anyways I'm going back to see my rheumatologist soon so I think I'm going to go armed with a list of questions because I always seem to go with loads but I forget to ask them!

    Thanks again,