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Hello everyone,
Joined a week or so ago but haven't until now posted anything.
A few people in my family have got some form of arthritis so new information is always welcome.


  • tjt6768
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    Hi Larry, welcome to the forum matey.. Sorry that you are in our gang though, lol....

    Hope that you are not suffering too much today...

    Join in any of the conversations, you will be made most welcome...

    Be well..
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    Hi Larry..

    Welcome from me too..

    We are a friendly bunch..
    Any questions fire away.. we will all try and help if we can..
    Look forward to seeing you around..
  • seamonkey
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    Hi larry
    welcome also from me, Its a great place to gather information on all sorts of things.
    Also great to know others in a similar position to yourself are here and can help with all sorts of things.
    glad said Hi,
  • katie5
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    hi larry

    just want to say hello and welcome - hope you are feeling ok today. what type of arthritis do you have you didn't say - sorry that was bit nosey of me you don't have say if you would prefer not to.

    Katie xx
  • jilly
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    Hi Larry just to say hello and welcome , you will find lots of information here and when you are down it really helps to get help from others that are in the same postion. ................jilly x