Graze Boxes

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As my meds are giving me constant hunger pangs and I can't afford to put any more weight on I have been recommended these Graze boxes from a friend so going to try them out, they do a "Well being" one that gives you natural products full of essential vitamins etc and being on Meth I need a top up.

So I thought I would share the love and a free box to try.

Get a free box from with this code: HRYMJQRF - healthy snacks delivered to your desk or home.

Enjoy :mrgreen:


  • mellman01
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    Sounds like a plan!,I am on Gapapentin and boy can I eat it's mental I am hungry all the flippin time,on the up side I have managed to cycle round our village today will see what happens tonight :shock:
  • barbara12
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    Oh what a clever idea....wonder if it will catch on....thanks for the link...
    Barbara x
  • lupin15
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    Sounds great but i am sure you could make these up for a fraction of the cost. I do suppose it depends on whether you have the will power to only have a small measured amount a day.... They would make a nice taste change from carrot and celery sticks.