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I have had a nightmare of a day, have been having problems with my hands for a while (numbness,pins and needles, loss of grip) have had carpel tunnel test,x-rays and MRI.Today I got the results of my MRI scan, the problems with my hands is due to a prolapsed disc in my neck at c5 and this is compressing the nerve that services my hands and also bulging discs at c4 and c3, I have osteoarthritis in hands,feet,knees and severe de-generative spinal disc disease.I have no neck pain so was utterly shocked to learn about my neck disc problems,I have had problems with my lumber spine since a fall down stairs 4 years ago, the doc said because my spine is in such a poor state that I will continue to get bulging and prolapsed discs. The doc is now going to refer me back to the Royal Orthopedic hospital to see an expert in neck problems,it would seem that they may choose to treat it conservatively or opt for surgery depending on the level of damage already caused or potential future damage to the nerve.
please can you help with the following
Has anyone else had this diagnosis?
Can anyone offer any info ?
How have you coped with this?
Thank you to everyone for reading this post


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    sorry to hear you've had a rotten day. i have cervical spondylosis and C5 & C6 are most effected. i get most of my pain in my upper back and stiffness when turning my neck. i've also had tingling in my hands and aching in hands wrists and lower arms and never thought it could be my neck causing it - i'm waiting for an appt to see a rhuemy.

    i'm sorry i can't be of much help but thank you for the thread and will watch the replies with interest.

    i know its difficult but try not to worry too much. hope DD reads this thread as she's always very helpful.

    take care

    Katie xx
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    Oh Toptottie

    poor poor you what a shock!!!

    ok you have bad spine and you have known that a while I too have that and had back surgery 8 years ago. I also have similar stuff at c5/6 or was it 4!!! so l do get you a bit. My neck however actually HURTS when it kicks off and l lose skin sensation acroos my chest neck shoulders.

    I guess that they will maybe if you are lucky try some steroid injections? If that doesn't work there are surgical friend has been refrered to Oswestry for this and another lady on here is facing neck surgery soon too so you are not alone.

    Others will come along who know more than me i just wantrev to offer my support till they do.

    Love and a hug

    toni xx
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    I have cervical and lumber spondylosis and have problems with my hands as you describe, pins and needles and loss of sensation in finger tips. My dr has mentioned carpel tunnel but I do have pain in my neck, Guess I need to get a clearer diagnosis. Hope it all goes well with you
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    Hi I have cervical spondylosis and severe degenerative disk disease. I have various symptoms, and also have inflammatory arthritis so am not sure what causes what sometimes. I get burning tingling in my hands, loss of skin sensation on my back.

    I do have awful neck problems, it causes my muscles to go into spasm, The DDD has also caused scoliosis of my spine and I have a horrid lump.,

    I believ there are various things they can do these days, spinal blocks, injections, denervation and surgery. It is good you are being referred as you need more info to make an informed decision.

    It must be a huge shock to you, I suggest you do something nice for yourself.

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    Hi I am due to have a MRI scan next week to see whats going on with my back...I didnt know that your back probs could show up in your neck...this dose make more things clear to me.
    Sorry I cant help, but I really do wish you well, and please let us know how you are.
    Barbara xx
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    Thank you all for your replies and words of support, I will keep you updated on my prognosis and treatment plan when I can. I have had rather a rough night, I'm going to get my head round this and try and keep positive. I do get a sore neck from time to time and my hubby has said that I keep turning my pillow in the night as if to get comfy I have just put this down to the OA maybe a lesson learned is to investigate every ache and pain...............but as you all know we all get to a stage when we get new aches and pains we think no point in going to docs it will be the arthur moving around..............
    Thank you peeps I hope you all have a bearable dayxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    I sincerely hope they can get something sorted for you.. Hopefully there are some treatments that will work well.

    Staying positive is a must though, don't get me wrong, we are all entitled to our moments of self pity, lol, just don't get bogged down by it as it really does not help anything...

    Best of wishes, chin up, as long as it's not painful :wink:
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    I am glad you have a diagnosis and that they are going to treat you. I'm also glad you are not in terrible pain with your neck although the other symptoms are far from pleasant.
    It must all be a big shock for you.
    Best wishes for the future and hope things improve a lot soon,

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    Hi toptottie

    I know how shocked you must be and upset at the results you have just recieved. I was in a similar boat not so long ago.

    I was referred through my rheumatologist after an mri scan to the neuro surgeon. My may have read it.....was the odontoid peg and c3 and c4....or was it c4 and c5....discs in my neck.
    I saw the surgeon a couple of months ago and he wants me to go in may (still waiting for app) to discuss surgery. The discs have slipped so he is going to realign them for me, and screw the odontoid.
    I don't get numbness but get really bad headaches and my face burns up, I also can hear my neck crunch on moving it and the c discs are very sore to the touch.

    He wanted to do surgery because for ME that was the best option, ....and yes i am scared.

    Hopefully for you they will give you steroid inj or some other form of medication and things will therefore improve for you

    blooming mri scans ....there is no fooling them eh :lol:

    take care
    juliepf x

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    Hi T.T,

    That's a horrid appointment and its akin to being hit with a pounder but its not all the end of things the way you think.

    I have the disc thing, both types of spondy in the neck and from L1 down its had it with only 1 dehydrated disc and a raft of extra bones etc.

    The prolapsed might be removable. I personally had as many as they would take removed when I had the decompression. Its then bone to bone but easier to keep it going in my case.

    I see the pain clinic and she is wholey responsible not for keeping the muscle spasms down in my neck. We did the nerve blockers, the chemical ones, then just the 2 types of steroids and now we use botox and medrone and that its not yet learned to fight back on.

    Pregabalin helps and well just don't lose site of the help that's out there.

    I kinda wonder if an ortho opinion is worth having? I couldn't get one till it was too late for surgery and so think its a good idea to try for one even if you don't want to have the op. It sort of gives you another option.

    I really hoe you have a bit of real help being offered and that it will be kind to you. Cris x