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I'm not sure if I mentioned but my rheumy flagged up some problems with my ankle MRI and referred me to an ortho. I went today and got some more information. Originally, my rheumy thought there was no inflammation but he said there was inflammation and fluid. I also have an osteophyte (big lump of bone.) He suggested a steriod injection in the joint that he thinks is the cause of the pain. If I get symptom relief, then we know we have identified the problem joint and he'll do surgery to shave off the bone. :???: If it doesn't, he said I may need a steroid injection in another one of the painful joint. It's all a bit confusing but he's seeking a 2nd opinion from a radiologist, so I may have more answers soon. Whatever happens, he feels surgery is in the near future.

I'm apprehensive. I'm not going to worry too much about an operation but it's niggling a bit. I'm glad it's going to get sorted though and that's the main thing.

Going to appointments is exhausting! Dinner, TV and bed for me.


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    Hi Starburst

    Sounds a bit scary, but ok? The injection could work first go and often gives peopel many months of releif. Maybe you will be a lucky one?

    I do hope so.

    I think the opp they are suggesting is an arthroscapy??(sp)

    You deserve a sit down and a stiff drink l think after taht!!! Hope you are feeling ok with it all?


    toni xx
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    Thank you, Toni. I hope the injection will give me relief but he seemed to imply that he wants to 'fix' it. Anyway, I'm about to eat a BIG bar of chocolate. :grin:
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    I got a phone call, the radiologist looked at my scans and it is what the surgeon suspected. I'm booked in for an x-ray guided steriod injection in mid April and I'll see him again in May. They think it will give me temporary symptom relief as it did last time and then they'll see if the operation will be beneficial.
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    I hope the steroid does provide some relief for you: I think this is a good way to find out what is going on 'cos at least you will only have surgery if necessary. That has to be a good thing. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Starburst

    Does sound as if it's all being properly investigated which is good. Really hope that the steroid does give you some relief.

    Tilly xxx
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    Hi Starburst,

    I have had 2 previous ops to remove osteophytes in my ankle, both of them were arthroscopic. The first one was about 9 years ago and it gave me a good 5-6 years without pain. I was advised at the time that I would require further procedures of a similar nature in the future as the bone growth would return. I did indeed require them but surgeon i was refereed to said it would not cure me as they found out I had advanceed otseo-arthritis. Eventually got a surgeon who would operate, It was however a bit too late and did not help. That was a year ago and now I am sitting 6 weeks into recovery from an ankle fusion.

    I don't want to seem a doom merchant with the fusion buisness, but my first op did give me a good period of time where I was pain free (still able to play football and other sports without any problems) .

    Just make sure you sit down with your specialist/surgeon and understand everything they say, ask them to explain it again if necessary and ensure ALL your questions are answered.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

    Best of luck,

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    Hi Starburst..

    These appointments are draining.. i feel like i done ten rounds with mike tyson lol..
    Hopefully the steroids will do you good, can't comment on the op as i know nothing about it, but if it is going to give you a better quality of life then that is a good thing..
    Wish you well