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Think you had better check the tax disc too!!!!


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    I don't know :!: All these law-breaking Delinquents driving around our roads in their 4x4's :shock: :roll:

    Good job you noticed before the law caught up with you, Del :lol:

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    and service??????? if you've forgotten those other bits, get your brakes checked out? and tyres, and screenwash, and....... et al.

    I wish i had a 4X4 with big tyres, the bumpy roads cause me to jog about and I feel 'rattled' as though all my joints are loose and hurting after a journey in my little Panda, something I never thought of when I got it.

    8) Its a grin, honest!
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    A friend started to show me the difference in cars that she'd had to look at, the width of the sills is a big problem when you get in and out and of course the available width once you're inside. Add in a stiff awkward body and thats why some cars major with the disabled.

    I shall certainly look elsewhere next year.

    8) Its a grin, honest!
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    That was some memory lapse Del. Hope the insurance is okay and up-to-date but you usually get a reminder for that.

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    Ha, ha, ha ha!!!

    And you'd the cheek to say about me not having a wash/bath when secretly you were the bad apple!!

    delboy wrote:
    I've had my 4X4 for about a year so thought I'd better check when the MOT is due, last September :oops:

    Hurriedly arranged it for this morning.
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    I had been driving mine for around 3 months last year without one!. :oops: