can anyone help

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Hi I have a power washer that have put one the dirt blaster lance and now I cant get it to come of so that I can change it, please any advice welcome

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    Sorry can't help on the diagnostic front - hope some one comes along to help soon -- second thoughts have you tried switching off and trying again?
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    What sort is it Mike?, Kercher ones are spring loaded and can be a right bugger, you have to really push it into the handle and twist it really hard, if you have some silicon spray or WD40 that might help, I've had no end of fights with mine flippin hard work it is!.
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    As mi old mucker Mell said, a lot of them a spring loaded, you have to really push them down towards the hose end and twist one way or another while still pushing down..

    Good luck matey..

    By the way, mine needs a good clean while you're at it :shock: :grin:
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