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Enbrel and paté? Is that wise? I was told when on that (and the others) to avoid paté, cheeses such as brie and any dish with raw egg. (Paté also needs the circumflex over the a, dunno how you do that. You about, Joseph? I have a circumflex query.) DD
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    Probably having a growing spurt!!!!! The colder weather does it for me...can't keep my head out of the food cupboards in the winter and colder weather.
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    Should'nt have read your post it made me feel like a lovely bacon butty , bacon is'nt the same without bread they sort of go together . but i can eat the bacon and the fried egg on the Atkins so i should'nt be feeling peeved .
    I dont know how you fit it in ,bet you are sorry later your stomach will have its own back lol..........jillyx
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    Now I know about the circumflex - thanks del. No key pad tho, a laptop deficiency. I was told to avoid all and I have. I think I'll carry on that way too. After a while you don't miss 'em. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Why does a bacon sandwich taste better from a van in a lay bye?

    completey agree it does seem to taste better from a van but it tastes good with proper butter too!
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    Pate and crisps sandwiches- my kind of food. Lovely. We are supposed to avoid seafood too but I never do.

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    we have a van on the motorway not far from us.....we have seen people queuing for a while the other week we stopped...egg and bacon on toast OMG it was delicious......cant wait for the next one.. :grin: now you have made me hungry Del :roll: :grin: