The Big Deficit or in reality the Big Lie

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The thing that really gets up my nose is that I know exactly who will end up paying for all this mess, ME! and people like me, was it ever any different?

We pay for politicians mistakes, we pay for the banks mistakes and now we pay for everyone else's mistakes-more loans to Ireland now, with others waiting, no doubt.

Every little bit that is siphoned off our accounts in fees, every bit extra we pay when we fill our petrol tanks, every time we pay VAT, that's everyone else given our money. Then there's tax before we start to pay everyone else, how much of my income do I get to spend on my family, not a lot!

8) Sometimes it's not so much a grin as a grimace, honest!


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    Delboy I read your posts and have to say you are so right , I agree with every thing you say , this country is on its way down and we are still thinking we are great , spending money on wars we cant even afford to look after our own people , we are taxed to death people dont even realize they are paying a lot of it ,they get a bit of everything we do .The people at the top get richer and the average man goes down and down. Thanks for posting your views i enjoy reading them.............jillyx
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    well dell you so right it the same every time they get in. when they go out things will be in such a mess that debts will have to come again to put the infer structure back to usable some will never recover the young who have no chance of jobs as no training being given because we can not afford to retire down to the nhs who's waiting lists are going to get longer val
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    Shock doctrine it's all to do with control of the masses by fear and negative information, RIP truth and true democracy and welcome to your personal 1984.