Yet another gummint lie

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That is very sneaky.

Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no ones definition of your life

Define yourself........

Harvey Fierstein


  • jilly
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    We have listened to peoples concerns !!!and ignored them , they are good at listening just not good at doing anything about them. Sounds really good does'nt it .

    I bet that means all the walks that have been made avalable for people will start to cost a fortune to park on to go for waik or in my case drive my scooter , it has been good in the last few years to get into the country side for the day , we have parked our motorhome on forest walks and spent hours there . The private ones cost a fortune to park on with no disabled parking for free. I think the 3 partys are all much of a much these days , I used to think labour was speaking for the working man , they have gone that far to the right you cant tell them apart . The other one has sold out to get a little power .
    Time for a change but there isnt any one else is there . .....jillyx
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    Did you expect anything less, we don't live in a democracy never have never will, a million people marched against the Iraq war but they went in anyway and gave them "democracy" ironically the very type of democracy we aern't allowed.
    I'm soory for being so cynical but this is how they work, they cause a massive fuss then do a so called U turn then a short time later they do the very thing they said they wouldn't but only in a smaller way, once the first cut goes in they leave it for a bit then later when everyone has forgot they can hapily chip away at whatever it is they have their eyes, then slowly over many years they get their way, either way they always win, their only interest is to rob the majority of the little that is left and only for the benifit of their rich minority mates, they don't give two s&%s about the rest of us..
    We can't even do a Libya as we don't have any guns these days were stuffed.