Trying to lose weight.

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Hey, I'm Jess.

I've had Juvenile Arthritis since I was 3 and I am now 16. I'm overweight and have been told that I have insulin resistance, with a high chance of becoming Diabetic.

I am actually a stone lighter than I was last year but I've lost all motivation to lose weight again. I'm always worried about exercise and the pain afterwords, it doesn't help that I suffer with really low moods and feeling sorry for myself. My doctors recommended I lose weight to put less strain on my joints, my problem is that I just concentrate on the pain.

I was wondering if anyone else had to lose weight and how on earth they did it!

Thanks :)


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    I am a bit older than you, 22 and was diagnosed a while ago with RA. I've piled on the weight due to being a lot less active. I have a damaged ankle that causes pain so exercising is not really an option. I've had depression since I was 16, so before my arthritis started and exercise really does pick up your mood. I think lack of exercise can lower your mood, unfortunately. Have you thought about gentle swimming?

    I lost 2st 10lbs on Slimming World but gained back a lot of it. I'm now trying to change my eating habits slowly and making healthier choices, such as low fat cheese, cereal bars instead of biscuits, lower calorie crisps etc.

    I really feel you. It's very tough. I hope someone else will come along with some more words of wisdom. I'm also finding it hard but if you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me.

    Sophie x
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    Hi Jess,

    I'm sorry that you are struggling with your joints as well as your weight :sad: again like starburst i am older than you (i'm 27) and i have PA - but am no stranger to the weight gain due to lack of exercise!

    Your moods will def influence your motivation to want to lose weight and really to get out of bed in the morning. I was diagnosed when i was a similar age to you, and i remember just feeling like it wasnt fair and not really feeling like i could talk to my friends about it, because nobody understood. I think its ok to feel a little low sometimes, but if losing weight will take the stress off your joints - its got to be worth a go?

    Check out the chit-chat forum - i'm sure there is a group of people doing their own weigh ins and slimming club there. If your specialist is suggesting you lose weight have they offered you any help in trying to do this? if you are a potential diabetes candidate perhaps its something your gp can help you with? i would be concerned about you not eating enough or using unhealthy methods to try and shed the excess.

    and starburst is right - swimming is a very gentle form of exercise. I attend a pilates class because i find the exercises very gentle (and all focused on the abs region!) i was very stiff and painful at first but over the weeks have found it much easier.

    I just wanted to congratulate you on losing a stone already as well!! thats amazing.

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    Hi Jess

    I too am in the position of needing to lose weight and at the same time finding it hard because everything hurts.

    I started swimming this week and I found that I felt loads better already.

    I am in receipt of higher rate mobility of DLA and I am being registered disabled. Because of this I have been able to get free swimming membership. My membership allows me and a carer to go swimming anytime I want, I dont always need a carer but its useful to take a friend with you.

    It might be worth contacting your local swimming pool to see if they do anything similar if you are in receipt of benefits of any kind.

    Good luck with your weight loss and please make sure you eat enough and dont starve yourself. Calorie counting is good if you can do it by the way
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    Hi everyone thanks for replying:)

    It always makes me smile when I read a new post, makes me feel less alone :)
    I really enjoy swimming, I've tried to start going a few times a week but lacked the motivation to carry on going.
    I previously thought about starving myself, even looked at some of the pro anorexia sites online, but I love my food too much and don't believe that starving yourself is a good way to lose weight.

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    Hello Jess,

    In my teens I to put on a considerable amount of weight, caused by a mix of being less active and steroid treatment I had. It's difficult, and I can't offer the perfect answer on losing weight. But I found doing my daily knee exercises to be a great form of motivation. Of course keeping motivated is a real challenge, especially when your in a low mood and finding things difficult.
    Don't starve yourself, but only eat when your hungry. When I was suffering low moods (or dark spells as I called them) I would eat for the sake of it, to comfort me. I found that drinking water and eating fruit like banana's were a great way of pleasing an hungry noisy stomach. I'm no dietitian, but that's how I lost all the weight I gained. Just keep in mind that it'll take sometime and won't happen overnight.

    Best of luck Jess.
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    Hey Jess
    Little bit late on the reply but I have only just come across this site. Best thing you can do is swimming, going against a resistance etc. Couldnt you go with someone else to motivate you or set yourself a goal such as doing a extra couple of lengths every 2 weeks. Keep on eatin as wel if you dont your body wil store the fat ( my personal training stuff comin in there lol). Just eat in moderation with fruit and veg.
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    Weight can be loss by doing strong and strict plan. You have to do regular work out for 30 to 40 mints. Keep effective control on calories that your are taken in a whole day. Use fresh fruits and boiled vegetables to get essential vitamins. Drink 8 to 10 glass of water. Stay active all the day. Try to burn more calories as compare to consume. Neglect all the fat and healthy items which have bad impact on diet and work out.
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    Hi Jess

    I,m Finding it really hard , i lost 5lb and put on 3lb :roll: My Husband is currently calorie counting , with his Android :? he scans the barcodes on the food and it gives him the calorie count , if this is successful i will let you know as i will have a go at it myself .Good luck with your Quest .

    karen xx
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    Hi Jess,

    I find it hard to stick to an exercise regime or a diet. I have put on just over a stone in the last 12 months as I have been so ill with my arthritis I have been unable to exercise properly for the last 18 months and unable to cook much so I have been eating junk food (take away's and ready meals).

    I do find that Tai Chi is an excellent way for arthritis sufferer's to exercise. Before I fell really ill I used to do yoga religiously, I loved it - but its rather difficult when you are in flare! - so when you are ill you don't do it, and when you feel slightly better you don't want to over exert yourself and make yourself ill again :cry:

    The best way to stick to an exercise plan is to find something that you enjoy - with Tai Chi it can be like your 'you time' as it is so relaxing. The movements are easy too. I can highly recommend a DVD that I bought off amazon for £21 called "Tai Chi for arthritis by Dr Paul Lam". It helped me immensely and I just bought another one for my Mom who has been diagnosed with arthritis in her knees.

    A good tip though - after dinner I always crave sweet things, biscuits, cake etc and I have found that fresh Lychee's really hit the sweet spot!

    Best Wishes,