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Hi to everyone, I,m new to this site and would like to ask your opinions. My daughter is 22 and has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her spine. Its apparantley a large area in her upper spine but in the relatively early stages. Doc thinks its genetic coming from me and my family who all suffer badly with it.
She's in serious pain and tired with no energy and finds the slightest thing sets her pain off. Light hoovering or filling the washing machine or just a bit of shopping.
She's getting the pain in the large muscles that run down the back either side of the spine. Also nerve type pain in her shoulder and arms and sometimes legs.
This sounds like Fibromyalgia to me, which I also have. Theres no doubt she has OA cos of the x rays. The doc didnt give her anything just said go and live your life and try to have a positive attitude!!!
Just wondered if any of you have this type of OA and what your symptoms are.
Hope you,re all having a reasonable day and thanks.


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    Hi Liz,

    Welcome to the forum, though sorry you have had t find it.

    I do sympathise with your daughter cus I have extensive oa in the spine and have done since at least my early 20's.

    In a fair world the doc would have been both kinder and more helpful so my first thought is see someone else!

    Early onset will ease off for a while but it still hurts while its on a burn and the doc should know that but sadly gp's are woefully ignorant in a lot of cases of arthritis.....

    I get huge muscle spasms, used to the ones your talking about but thankfully after many years of building them up they are fairly strong and only lock up if I really aggravate the bones.

    She could ask the next doc 9please get her to see someone more human actually) about referrals to physio as there are exercises she could do to help with this one. Maybe acupuncture could help her? it does me though the medrone and botox does so much better.

    If it fibro than as you know she needs to see a rumo to diagnoses.

    This attitude that doctor had basically sucks and she does need more help than that.

    The normal is an anti-inflammatory to help control the inflammation or damage during or after a burn, and some form of pain relief.

    The nerve pain side needs checking out flower. If discs are involved it could be either main or peripheral nerves are being touched or squashed.

    You really do need a referral to either an ortho or a rumo and for that you need to see a different doctor cus this one is letting her down basically.

    Really hope she can get some decent help and please let us know. hey nice to meet you and hope you are coping ok as well? Cris x
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    Just repeating what the others have said mainly, try get a referral to a specialist of some kind for her, or at least help with the pain.
    I have OA in my lower spine and knees and it can be very painful, I think some anti inflammtories at least should be in order. I was on Nabumatone for a good few years, worked quite while.

    :grin::grin: Best wishes for you both, oh, and welcome to the site my dear
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    Hi Liz,

    You've already had some good advice from Cris and Tony, I just thought I would say Welcome and hope that your daughter does get the help she so obviously needs.

    Keep us informed as to how your daughter gets on. Hopefully getting a doctor that is more understanding and willing to help and do more.

    Karen xx
    Karen xx
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    Hi And welcome to the best place you can be! Your daughter sounds just like I was! Everything you said about is exactly what I am going through.
    The only differance is I have osteoporosis and Fibryromialgia (sorry if my spelling is rubbish, high dosed up on morphine!)
    She sounds like my double ganga! (or in english twin!) It took not bang on but nearly 28years honestly! I was at school when small things started to happen. I was in my late teens when they just said it was just the fibryro nothing else! It wasn't till 5/6yrs ago they did the bone density scan that there it was in front of my husband and I my future. It just angers & upsets us that nothing was done sooner. I would be willing to answer any questions or if you just wanna ask me anything please do. Just send me a message. I hope I could do something to help your daughter.bubbadog (Amanda)
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    I am sorry you had to look for us, but happy you are here, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, it must be so hard watching her go through this.
    I have OA in my lumber, hips one knee, and now my hands have decided to join in.
    Like Cris had said, you do go through all soughts of phases with the pain, the pains down her legs is awful I know, gabapentin has help me with this...on top of my co codamols.
    Its awful how they can dismiss you like this, the trouble is they are not having the pain, it must have taken me 20 something visits to gp, but now I am getting there.
    Has your daughter seen a physio, they can help alot, has you know movement is such a big part of keeping arthur down.
    I wish your daughter well, and please let us know how she gets on
    Love to you both
    Barbara xx
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    Hello Lizbet and welcome from me too!

    I am so sorry that your daughter has OA but, like some of the other peeps have said, it's lovely that she has such a wonderful Mum, who really understands what it's like for her. She is very lucky :grin:

    Unfortunately it seems that all too often GPs just send people with OA away saying there is nothing to be done and I do feel that your daughter has been let down by her doc because I think there may be things which can potentially help to manage the pain - such as physio, pain-killers when needed, possibly anti-inflamms and maybe referral to a pain clinic for help and advice. So I do hope that she can perhaps go back to her GP to ask for help or to another GP in the practice instead (assuming there is more than one). Also, the Arthritis Care Helpline are a great source of information and support - phone number at the top of the page.

    Really hope things improve for your daughter soon.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hi Lizbet and welcome to the forums from me too :grin:

    Good job your daughter has you and you have found this site - she would be so welcome to join in.

    I support the suggestions re pain clinic referral and also wonder if you could go with her and say what YOU see it may help a lot.

    Dont give up yet


    toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Just wanted to say that I have inherited OD which started in my back, and have similar sounding pains in my shoulders. I've also wondered about fibro, but my GP feels that even though the pains in my shoulders and legs aren't directly in joints, the pain in them is referred from nearby joints. I know from my own experience that GPs don't like starting people on regular medication when they're still quite young (I'm 42, and have had back problems since I was in my late 20's) but I can't see the problem with asking for anti-inflamatories/painkillers for a few weeks to settle things down a bit - my physio told me that this is recommended as it enables you to keep moving which benefits the joints and muscles. I'd suggest pestering the GP a bit till he takes more notice!

    As I mentioned, my OA is also hereditary - being able to speak to my mum, who has the same condition and therefore understands how I feel (physically and emotionally) is wonderful and very comforting - I'm sure your daughter will benefit from your understanding too.
    Good luck with your GP.