Occy health report & "Reasonable adjustments."

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I had a meeting with my head, employee relations and my union rep to discuss the final occy health report. The report said in no uncertain terms that working with the tiny children was not in my best interests due to my hip ops and OA in my knees.

My head was not going to budge, but then the employee relations woman called an adjournement and when we reconvened he said I would be working with older, bigger children again in September.

I do find the little ones a refreshing change, but being able to sit at a decent height, at bigger tables etc again will be a godsend.

Also my knees are starting to object at all the kneeling I'm doing and have started swelling and aching again .... so it is just as well I only have a few more months left in my current class.



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    Hi Speedy,
    Glad your head saw sense in the end, but what a palaver! You've only a few months left as you say, and the Easter breaks coming up soon. Does make me angry when people are so stubborn and pigheaded for no good reason :x roll on September! And well done for sticking to your guns :grin:
    Hugs xxx
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    Thanks Poppy. I think he thinks I just want my own way for the sake of it ....

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    Hi Speedy

    Only just catching this one, but glad you have got somewhere at last and will hopefully find things easier with the older ones in Sept. Tis so hard to be continually getting down to the level of the tinies I am sure? Have the same problem at the shop those bottom shelves can be a nightmare and having got down getting back up takes some effort!.
    take care, I leave a few spoons as I am sure you can use them.