now I know why I am shattered!!!

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Hi to anyone calling this way.

It's official I have a perfect right to be permanently knackered. :shock:

Well today I actually got some rare feedback at the factory, also known on here as Wonkas since labelling and packing sweeties, biccies jams and the like are the main agenda and where my 3 days a week leave me in desperate need of duvet days!!

Since taking over another company last year and increasing our customer base and considerable exports we have today been informed that business has increased by 17% and a smidge for the year on year figures. Who says this Country can't make 'owt? :grin: :roll:

I shall of course look forward to my 17% pay rise at the end of the month :lol::lol: :roll:

Just wanted to share that and leave some bestest fudge and a rather unique toffee if anyone wants any?
Chris :wink:


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    Well, it's no wonder you are tired: OA plus a substantial increase in production, which I assume is not matched by an increase in staffing levels so yes, it's no wonder that slight fatigue results. :smile: It's kinda good news? Your job is secure for the time being? DD
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    Hi Chris,

    as you say, no wonder you are finding it increasingly difficult ... you are working 17% harder!! I'm sending back half the spoons you sent me, as sounds like you need them too.

    So are you going to get a pay rise? Or a new person to join the workforce????! Hey - did you see that pink pig flying across cyber space?

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Whew, I agree you have every right to be plumb-tuckered big time ..... though .....
    gissa yummee toffee ..... pleeeeeze :lol::wink:
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    Hi DD, Speedy and Fay

    Yep it has been a bit bedlam lately including the MD having to knock down a wall and rent back the bit of storage space he sold years ago! :roll:

    DD you are right and yes it is good news since just over a year ago things were so bad he was considering laying people off, so I am kinda grateful and a teeny bit proud of being such a small cog in a little bit of local history, not every company can say est. in 1840. :grin: (and no I haven't been there that long! :lol: ) Just the arthritis not so sure? If I could I would still be doing my full time there and the extra day at the shop at the weekend which I did for years, but C'est sera sera as they say. I know I am lucky to still be working at all. :grin:

    The factory manager has eventually taken on another two staff but this irks a little as they are yet more baltic cousins, sisters, brothers in law who are flown in and taken on as friends of friends when local peeps putting CV's through the door and desperate for work don't get a look in, much less an interview! We remaining Yorkshire folk are outnumbered 4 to 1 which saddens me greatly but there it is! :roll: My Lithuanian is getting pretty good these days.

    Thanks for the spoons Speedy, hope your week going okish at the coal face too. The flying pigs seem to be answering the question re the pay rise but at least it pays better than the shop which is bonkers since I have to use every one of my library degree and selling skills there to do a half decent job.

    Hi Fay am lovin' that expression plumb-tuckered :lol: and will be using that at work tomorrow when I smuggle you out some toffee, but don't tell the boss. :shock:

    Leaving fudge and biccies for anyone else who peeks in.
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    Hi I bet the new staff are lucky if they are earning our minimun wage. But that not a subject for this page. I'm glad things are going well for you, but don't be tempted to do too much, its never worth risking your health. Hope things go well for you all, love Sue xx