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Hi Everybody
I have just joined, I am Gabriella, every one calls me Gabby.
I am 49 years old, work part time as a receptionist and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees.
I joined to find out about my condition and to talk to people that do understand what I am going through.

Feeling very low today as yesterday was told at pre-admission check up that a directive was issused 6 weeks ago that people with an B.M.I of over 35 can not have knee surgery, I have a torn cartildge and cyst and HAVE to lose 3 stone or try to find another hospital that will operate. No one will tell me where this directive has come from and I have not heard anything on the news about it, so wondered does anyone know if this can be done. becasue where does it stop.
Thanks for reading sorry to go on but very upset about this.


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    Hi Gaby,
    Welcome to the forum, we are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch! So you have osteo? Not much fun is it? I have PA similar to RA just with psoriasis too, the thing with any arthritis is that stress does not help, so having to loose weight quickly on order to gave an operation is putting you under a tremendous amount of pressure. Sadly you're not alone, there are a few others on the forum in the same situation, I suggest you have a look for a thread on chit chat where a few of our members are all dieting together.
    Wish you the best of luck, hope to see you posting again soon
    Hugs xxx
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    Hi Poppy
    Thanks for the info I will follow it up.
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    Hi Gabby,

    Welcome to the forum, everyone on this forum is fantastic and will help in any way possible with advise ect.

    I have severe OA in the left hip and OA in my lower back, I am on the waiting list for a hip replacement, and I have been advised by my specialist to lose weight. Come join us on the diet club thread, we are all weighing ourselves on every monday. And at the moment we have all been good, not easy when your in pain but got to see beyond that, we help each other as well. It's great, good to have other people in the same situation.

    Come find us.

    Karen xx
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    Hi kelsh, it's nice to meet you. I am sorry to hear about your poorly knees but at least something can be done to help them, which is a good thing.

    I think it's fairly well known now that there are increased risks with surgery for those who are severely overweight. It makes life more complicated for the surgeon and anaesthetist and, indirectly, the patient. The op is more dangerous, the recovery time far longer (excess weight does not hint at being fit-ish with good muscle tone) and when you look at things from the medicos point of view it is not an unreasonable stance. The problem we have (and I speak as someone who is now about 5 stone heavier than she was and should be, thanks to the meds) is that yes, we can diet for England but as most diets work on eating less and moving around more, well, we fail on the second part very easily! Moving? I cannot do that any more, not with any speed or gusto thanks to affected knees, ankles and toes and using crutches. That's my Catch 22.

    Is it just your kness that are affected? What about non-weight bearing exercise such as swimming? That is good for the whole of the body, will help you to shed those extra bits you don't need and will tone everything up so that when the op is to be done your recovery time should be faster. It's a good target that you have to aim for, getting there may well take some time, but losing whatever weight you can should also help your poorly joints, another good incentive. I found that pain levels are no worse for me even though I weigh so much more but then I have a different version of this filth to you.

    I hope you are able to begin a weight-loss programme that helps, you will find plenty of encouragement on here, there are numerous threads about it on the chitchat forum, so join the diet club! People understand what a challenge it is and will support you all the way. DD
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    Hello and welcome from me too, I'm another knee sufferer, also have hand and wrist problems too but I think they're two different versions of the arthur beastie.. Lol

    Hope you are ok this evening...

    Get yourself on the chit chat section and join the others on the diet wotsit.. :grin:

    Be well, we are a very friendly bunch..

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    Hi Gabby..

    Welcome from me too..

    We are a great bunch on here and will help if we can..

    May be worth checking out the diet thread, you will get tremendous support on there..

    Look forward to seeing you around