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Hey everyone,

My name is Dean, im 27 and i have had RA for 25 years now. Like everyone else i have my good and bad days but with having RA just makes me for determined and motivated to succeed in life. My reasons for joining this forum is to share information and my experiences with other members about my time growing up throughout childhood into adult life.




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    Hey dean84, it's nice to meet you and I applaud the positive outlook. RA is a pestilential beast, yes? I have PA which is kinda similar but also different - what meds do you take and do they help? To have had this since the age of 2 is - oooooh, what are the words? - well, I have no idea how you have gotten through it all, I started my problems aged 37 and even that felt indecently early. I now know it wasn't and that I was lucky to get as far as I did without it.

    Most of us tend to hang around the LWA forum, that's the living with arthritis one where we deal with questions about meds, treatments, operations etc etc. The other thread titles are self-explanatory. I look forward to seeing your name here and there. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Dean, welcome from me too Rkid... Nice to have you aboard the crazy train.. Lol

    By eck... From the age of two... That is early... Good for you with the positive attitude matey...

    Hope you find your way around, we are a very friendly bunch..

    Be well :grin:
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    Hi Dean..

    Welcome to the forum..
    Suffering from the age of 2 must have been a real pain in growing up .. but by the sounds of it you haven't let it grinde you down.. fairplay..
    Sounds like you may be of help to many others too..
    Look forward to seeing you around