Arthritis in feet but was v active before hand!

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Ive been told I have arthritis in some of my joints in my feet and ankle and need a triple fusion surgery on both feet.

I work in the outdoor industry and not been able to sail or climb is killing me!

Has anyone else with arthritis had to stop doing their sport I love?

Im 24 years and have sailed for 11 years and climbed for 14 years. Im getting down in the dumps because I am so less active then I used to be.

What kind of sport can someone do with arthritis in feet and ankle?

I dont know what to do! x :cry:


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    I too have arthritis in my knees,ankles and toes amongst other joints. As most sport is dependant on movement finding a replacement activity won't be easy. What would the position be after the surgery? Would you be able to resume those acitivities, perhaps with some moderation? I can see why you are so frustrated especially as you are used to being acitve - luckily for me I am an ancient crone of 51, unable to walk much now, but I miss walking (hugely), swimming (not that much), cycling (very much) and dancing (enormously). It isn't easy to find something new but swimming could be something to try, it's non weight-bearing and you can be as competitive as you like. I remember being told not to do the breast stroke because of my knees but I am sure you could find a stroke that would suit. I wish you well. DD
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    Ah thanks.

    I learnt to swim about 2 years ago but never went back so it maybe worth me going back.

    I have been told I will never sail or climb like I used to so doing it as a job will be a no no. I have to find a new career at the age of 24!

    I have just been told I can sail with sailability (disabled sailing), they have special boats which will be better then not going sailing at all.

    Im using a walking stick at the moment but hope I dont need to use it once I have both operations.

    Just looked at my report from the hospital and I have 3 joints on my left and 4 joints on my right plus both actual ankle joints.

    Dont have a clue why my feet have decided to give up! Ive been told my subtalar joints are already fusing and my left ankle. :cry:
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    I have a feeling that none of us know why some joints succumb and others dont. Everyone's version of this dross is unique to them and you are finding out now that ways round things have to be developed. If you can carry on sailing with a disability group then that is a good thing: OK it may not quite match what you have been able to do before but that is one of life's lessons - unfortunately you are having to learn it unreasonably early.

    What about cycling? Could that be a possibility? It too is non weight bearing, it could be another option. I honestly don't know how the surgery will affect your life - I know there are those about with fused joints here and there, if you post again on LWA they may see and be able to give you some feedback about what the future might hold: one member has just had an ankle fusion, well the op was seven weeks ago. He is looking forward to getting back on the golf course - too sedate for you though, I reckon!

    Right, I have to go and start cooking. I hate this part of the day. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Have to say I feel for you. I'm 27 and was diagnosed in December with RA. I did the great north run in September and was planning to do a marathon next year but obviously that's out of the window now! I actually didn't like running, but enjoyed the challenge, so maybe not a bad thing!

    I used to go to the gym a lot as well, and loved cycling and walking, but I've not done a thing for the past 7 months, which is killing me!

    What stops me from doing any sport is my right ankle and wrist, as any movement or pressure just cripples me!

    I'm still thinking of any sport that I could do, so if you find one, let me know!