Car insurance for 16 year olds?

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I've just recently passed my test and have been looking at buying a car, however when I've phoned around for a decent price on insurance most have said that they don't insure 16 year old drivers.

Which is really frustrating, why let me pass when I'm 16 and not allow me to actually drive.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone else has been able to get insured at 16, and if you have what company was it with?



  • clairy
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    Hi Jess,

    I'm not sure as i was 17 by the time i passed my test, but i got a motability car as i recieved high rate mobility DLA which ment i got my car insurance and servicing etc by giving up the DLA money.

    I don't know your circumstances but that might be an option for you. The insurance is with royal sun alliance and i know that you can get a car at 16 so maybe they would do insurance for you.

    Good luck anyway
  • stephibabe2
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    Hi Jess,

    I like the person who posted before me, also passed when I was 17 so Im not too sure about the insurance side. However, if you go through the mobility scheme (which Im guessing you must have done the driving lessons through them as otherwise you wouldn't have been have been able to pass at 16) they will insure you. If you don't want to go through mobility, I think you might have to wait till your 17 to get insurance.

    Hope this helps, Steph x