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I've from Tennessee in the Southern part of the US and have been diagnosed with RA for seven years although it took twelve years to get that diagnosis. I've had good years and bad years since I've been diagnosed. I've been on NSAIDs Biologics (Enbrel, Remicade etc.) methotrexate, plaquenil and steroids with varying success. Remicade lasted the longest (three yrs.). I had a complication that caused me to have kidney stones (over two hundred in the last 3 yrs.) and nine lithotripies last year plus MRSA (drug resistent staph) in both my kidneys. I lost 50% of my kidney function and the ability to use NSAIDS and Biologics until I am MRSA free for a year. Meanwhile I'm on steroids and have gained a ton of weight. I keep my nieces but do not work outside my home. My husband's company has excellent insurance so that Biologics only cost us $87 for each vial and I can see any doctor I want. I'm fortunate to live in a city that has quite a few rheumatologists so that the wait list to see mine the first time was two weeks. I wanted to see what the experience that those in other countries have with RA. I have five friends with RA and we are all different in the type we have and the severity of our disease. I have pain all the time everywhere but my knees are the worst. I have to use a cane to get around until I'm old enough for othopedists to give me knee replacements (I'm 38). I keep myself busy with art, crafts, teaching an ancient form of Greek and writing for my own amusement. I would like to find others who maybe experience the same level of pain or who have the same interests or both.


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    Hi Kary,

    Welcome. If you go to the LIVING WITH ARTHRITIS section you have plenty of people wishing you a big welcome. Check it out.

    See you around the forum

    Karen xx
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    Welcome hope you enjoy the forum you will find lots of advise and a laugh , It will be nice to hear how you are treated in the US for the dreaded arther . I have family in the US in florida she as been there for 35 years , I dont hear from her these days but she did say she loved it and will never come back here. Hope to see you around the forum..........jillyx