Can you help plan a new booklet for parents?

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Hi everyone

Arthritis Care is developing a new booklet for parents of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. The booklet will be a resource for parents to understand the impact arthritis might have on the family, how parents cope with some of the practical and emotional challenges, and also issues your child might face growing up with arthritis.

We would really appreciate if you could share some of your experiences so we can help shape the content so that the booklet can help lots of parents.

If you are happy to share your experiences, please tell us more in this post.

Issues might include:
• what you wish you had known around the time your child was diagnosed
• what has been the biggest impact on you as a parent
• what has helped you cope with the changes to family life
• how you cope as a family with all the health appointments, missed schooling etc
• anything else you think other parents would want to know when their child is diagnosed with arthritis

If you would like to do this confidentially, please email

Also, if you are interested in commenting on the draft booklet in late June, please email us at the same address. Please give details of your name and the type of JIA your child has. We will be in touch.

Thanks for your help.

Kate Llewelyn
Head of Information, Arthritis Care