VERY dissapointing rhummy appointment..

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I've heard a lot of people say that they find their appointments frustrating/upsetting/patronising but this is the first time i've had one of these unsatifactory experiences and it was truely a waste of time.

I'm completely fine with having foreign doctors etc, but I knew i wasn't going to get on with him as soon as he 'called' me in (couldn't even pronouce my name) I told him i wanted to know more about my options for trying for a baby (im currently on methotrexate) and instead of running through them, he pretty much wrote me a note to give to my GP telling him im changing to Azathioprine!? Just like that.

When i tried to ask him questions like 'if i started now, do i take it when i would usually have my next does of methotrexate?', he just goes off on one about either starting it now or starting it whenever i want to try to concieve. Not even answering my questions properly.

Now im going to have to tlk to my GP to find out if he's changed my notes or not yet. I don't even know if that's the medication i'd choose over any other. Apparently there's 3 you can choose from when wanting a baby, but then i read that you shouldn't get pregnant on Azathioprine on the very leaflet he gave me at the appointment!!

I've never felt so uninvolved with my own health before!!! :shock:


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    Hi Chaz,

    Sorry you had such a bad and confusing appointment there. i hope your gp can help sort it out. They might be able to ask for the real rumo to see you maybe?

    I hope that you can get sorted and thing you do need to see someone who understands the drugs you can and can't use. Fingers crossed it will get sorted. Cris x
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    Oh Chez :sad:

    That sounds very very unempowering and frustrating to say the least :x

    Did you go on your own or with your OH? I never go alone anymore as l am convinced you get treated better when you have support. Anyway there's safety in numbers!!!

    I think you are right to go to your GP and if you can take OH and book a double appointment so you have TIME to discuss your options.


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Chez i was appalled to her how you were treated If your Gp cannot answer your questions can you ask to see a different rheumy doctor/consultant to have things cleared up for you as it is a very important decision.

    Hope you get on better with your GP.

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    Hello Chez

    I am so sorry you had such a difficult appointment. It does sound really unsatisfactory.

    As the others have said, do talk to your GP for advice about the azothiaprine - or perhaps you could speak to one of the rheumatology nurses at the hosptial for advice. Also, my understanding is that meth takes a while to get out of your system anyway, so you do need to know about the timings both in terms of starting the new meds and trying to conceive.

    Hope you manage to sort this out Chez.

    Love Tillyxxx