LUMPS???? Nodules ???

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Hi all

Ii am newly diagnosed with Chronic Atrophic Arthritis similar to RA. My Rheumo states I am in the middle of another flare up

I have also got a number of lumps which I didnt show him, but reading the RA information , I came across nodues. My GP has already organised an ultrasound but she thought that one in particular is a fatty lump

However they feel very strange. I have one coming from my rib cage which feels like it has spread over a couple of ribs and does feel completely liike a lump now. The second is on my left side and has spread a little. I also have one on my inner forearm (elbow, inner side). They feel so strange. I am taking in information one day at a time. My GP has organised an opthalamist appt as I have an enlarged optic nerve on my left side. When I have pain on side of head it is also left side

I was wondering if any of these odd symptons sound similar to anyone.

I feel like I am putting pieces of a jigsaw together !!!!!!!

I really believe in empowerment and taking control and I dont just want to be at the mercy of the Rheumo and GPs. I want to take control a bit

I have a particularly bad day today. I found out 3 days ago re: dx

I told my partner this afternoon that I couldnt take the pain much longer. I am 43 and I feel older than my parents who are 62 !! I feel like my partner and her children are runnig a marathon and I am hours behind them. I keep trying to catch up and just do normal things but its hard. I miss using my brain at work ( I am off sick at the moment ). I miss doing daily tasks and not feel anything but normality !!!!!

Sorry I have rambled, the jigsaw pieces are all over the place at the moment

Katie X


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    Hi Katie,

    I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so desperate and in so much pain at the moment. I can't help you as I have OA. But be patient, because there are plenty on this forum who have RA and will be along to help you, so hang in there.

    Everyone on this forum is so friendly and always willing to help, don't you worry about having a ramble, we all do it from time to time, it's good to get it of your chest.

    Karen xx
    Karen xx
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    Hi katie

    I have inflamatory arthrtitis too and some OA into the bargain.

    I am so sorry you feel so poorly at the mo. Things will pick up for you once you get your meds sorted and things stabilised- clearly you are flaring at the moment quite badkly.

    You WILL then feel far more in control - sounds like you are a bit like me there - l like to be informed myself - this is a good forum for getting that information, but bank hol weekends are not always the very best. Sorry but people can be away or busy.

    I know you feel like the OH and family are way ahead of you, but maybe she is doing her best to support you and occupy the kids so you don't get too stressed??

    As for the lumps - always get new lumps checked out even if you feel like a hypochondriac!!! Glad your GP is taking you serioulsy.

    I am lucky as l have none, but beleive they appear in areas such as elbows which maybe under some stress. Sometimes if you are very lucky they can go after the flare subsides l heard. At leasty you have got them checked out.

    Love and hugs

    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Katie

    I am sorry that you are not too good at the moment and hope that things improve soon.

    I just wanted to say that I have had RA for 23 yrs but it is only the last 8ish years I started developing nodules too. I now have them on both arms ,starting at my elbows and working down towards my wrists. There are 3 double ones on each arm, I feel as though I am turning into a dinosaur :shock:
    My gp and rhummy had a feel but said they were just part of the RA. I was told that I could possibly hve them removed but I am not a fan of operations, and I have 2 other ops looming which I can't say no to.

    They do feel yucky and look it too and only hurt if i lean on them. I have got used to them but had no real explaination as to why they happened. I also have one on each knee. :roll:

    I will watch your thread to see if anyone else can tell us why.
    My age 48.

    Juliepf x
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    Hello, I'm sorry you feel so ill at the moment and it must be hard for you. I have OA in several joints, but my hands are the most difficult to cope with at the moment.

    I hope that things will settle quickly and you'll be feeling better soon. It is hard when you have to give thing up, even if its only for a while. Maybe you'll find different things to exercise your brain, which will be less hard on your arthritis. Good luck and I hope you soon feel better. Lots of love, Sue xxxx