Problems taking meds again

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Hi everyone not been on for a while has everything was going great, but now phoebe is refusing to take her meds again. She has been on tablet form for about 4 month I thought she was doing great but she knows what's coming and gets so upset. We both get stressed which then causes problems with my husband and our other daughter. For me the only thing I can see her having is a weekly injection under sedation at the hospital as she has a major phobia of needles thanks to the dentist.

the specialist and myself know she can't be with out anything as when they tried her without she ended up getting uveitis and really bad joints.

Gonna phone L.G.I on tuesday and see if i can speak to Dr Mark Wood.


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    Didn't need to phone hospital just mixed the crushed tablets with ice-cream. The things we do to get them to take their meds lol

    Michelle x