Hello to all

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Hello all

After much nagging :roll: from my wife (Karen) I have joined your forum and I look forward to chatting with you all about Arther and his cronnies
and ways to make life a bit easier.

Karen has allready told you about my spinal problems but allso I was born with RA in my hands and few years back was diagnosed with OA in my lower back and legs.

Anyway my real name is Tony and want to say thank you for all the sapport you have given Karen over the last few weeks with her up and comming hip replacement as it been so nice to see her smile giggle again since her diagnosis you have all made a big impact on hern and I will keep you all updated while she is in hospital.

Again Thanks to you all

Tony aka (LoneGunman)


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    Hello Tony
    Its lovely to meet you, we dont have many couples on here, I hope my OH dont get any ideas. :lol:
    But you are very welcome, and I hope we can all be of some help, saying that bet you can tell us a thing or two about Arthur.
    Look forward to you posting more
    Barbara x
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    Hi Tony,
    Welcome aboard its lovely to have you join us. it wont take you long to find your way around. pop into chit chat and the coffee shop and say hello, im sure you will soon be feeling at home.

    looking forward to seeing you around, and would love updates on how karen is getting on when she has her op.
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    Hi Tony

    Just wanted to add a welcome, though only sorry you and Karen need to be here. Am glad you will be able to keep us updated when she has her op. We do so worry about our flock and I know from her thread she was understandably having a few wobbles as it gets so near.
    best wishes to both of you
    take care of each other
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    Hello Tony
    Welcome to our forum, no doubt Karen has told you lots about us. Its sad that we are here but on the other hand life would be much much worse if this Forum didn't exist.
    I am glad that you are here to let us know how Karen is after her op - we do all worry about our "on line family" you know.
    Anyway once again welcome - come and join us in the cafe! for a drink a natter and a giggle
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    Welcome Tony, "lone gunman" I love the name. Very pleased to meet and greet and I am sure you will love the forum and all its support and advice and help, from really good folks.

    I am usually resident in the cafe, cleaning or pottering, or sorting the medicine trolley for the night round. Do join us for a cuppa, cakes and a good natter. Take care XX Bubbles
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    Thank you all for the warm welcom, I just glad that you all have been here for karen

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    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum Tony.. I'm a little awol at the minute due to a death in the family, I am popping in and out though & hope to get my dancing feet back soon.. Karen will explain, lol.

    Hope that you are not suffering too much this morning Rkid, be well.Looking forward to chatting soon..

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    Cleo - 1996 to 2011. RIP
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    Hi Tony

    Welcome to the forum. Karen has got her feet well under the table on the forum and many of us are thinking about her and her op tomorrow. She is worried you and the girls will not manage without her, so you will just have to show her that you are perfectly capable. :lol:

    Just make sure that she does as she is told by the medics, once home and she will be fine. :wink::smile:

    Do let us know how Karen is getting on and how well you are all managing while she is in hospital. :smile: Start a thread on the Living with Arthritis zone and more of us will see it there.

    Look after each other,

    Elna x
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    Hi Tony, and welcome to the forum,it is nice to have someone who wants to make live easier for everyone and give advice and bring a smile! I have Osteo-porosis & Fibromiagia. A little different to the other Arthers! Look forward to chatting to you! Amanda (Bubbadog). :smile:
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    Hi LoneGunman, it's lovely to meet you and I for one am very glad you have joined as I was wondering how we were going to know about constable's progress! :smile: I bet she is now in total tizz (understandable) but I really hope that the outcome will make it all worthwhile. I am sorry to read that you too are affected by arthritis, I hope we can support you too: it's a bit different for blokes, isn't it? They tend not to go for all the huggy-huggy-kissy-kissy stuff (unless they're rehab, he adores that) but we will do our best. The other boys'll be glad to have a new playmate! :smile: I wish you both well. DD
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    We look forward to seeing your posts on the Chitchat forum. No good hiding out in the Welcome pages or you will be 'lone' for a long, long time.
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    Thank you all I have put a post in the chit chat about karen's op and again thank you all for the warm welcome :grin: