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Hello, I have read the posts frequently and decided it was time to join in. The forum is friendly and upbeat, just what I need to motivate me when feeling. low. There is always someone with bigger problems. I have had fibromyalgia for over 6 years and have now been diagnosed with multi level disc degeneration, facet joint osteoarthritis, bilateral trochanteric bursitis, osteoarthritis in hands, knees ankles and left big toe :lol: I also get reactive arthritis. Because I am asthmatic I am finding it difficult to get good pain relief; I take 1800mg gabapentin daily with tramadol, codydramol and paracetamol as needed. I am waiting for pain clinic appointment as I hope to get an injection to help with constant pain although I have been told they help more with pain management than relief. We'll see. I am usually upbeat but have not worked for nearly two years. I am a secondary SEN teacher and feel pretty useless at the moment. Would like to get back into it, teaching no problem, physically getting around school is :sad:
Anyone from Plymouth? Debra.


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    Hi Debra
    I have just answered your post on LWA, but I will say welcome again to the forum
    Barbara x
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    Nice to meet you Debra.

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    :smile: Hi just read your post Im so sorry to hear how much pain you have to deal with Im from London but have been to Plymouth many times :grin:
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    Thanks for the welcome. Yes Plymouth is great but it undersells itself so much. Lovely place to visit as you can get to so many places in Devon and Cornwall from it by car bus or train. Oh, I should get a job as promoter:} Yes pain is constant and sometimes barely bearable but I have a lovely family and a 2year old grandson George so must smile and carry one. I try to keep my moans to myself + hubby, downside is that everyone then thinks you are ok, can't win can we. Debra x
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    :grin: I agree
    Take Care
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    hi! I am another SW person and have just replied to another post with the same title ' from Plymouth' ! there are a lot of us about and there is an active group which I am thinking of trying out soon! Want to come too? chat soon. C

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