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Sorry if any of you had probs getting through to us Friday 6th - we were really busy. Anyone who left a message on the new voicemail service or sent an email will get a reply asap early next week.
Next week is Arthritis Care Week and we are opening the lines longer - 9am to 5:30pm as we are expecting even more calls, emails and posts from you all..
If any of you wanted to have some support or a question you needed answering - just send us a private message and we will try to help you over this weekend.
Meantime - next week keep your calls coming in and keep trying - you will get us eventually.
Take care out there
Jo :grin:
Jo Cumming
Helplines Manager


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    Thanks Jo x
  • barbara12
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    Thank you Jo
    Its nice to know you are there when we need you.
    And Thank you for all your hard work
    Barbara xx
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    Thanks for saying Jo and hope the extra work and hours don't ware you all down.

    Hope the AC week goes well.

    Cris x