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Hi, im new on here, didnt know whether to join because my son doesnt have a jia diagnosis, he turned 5 in march and was recently diagnosed with chronic bilateral anterior uveitis and posterior synechiae 7 weeks ago, and just wondered if anyone here has had experience on uveitis.

He has been on pred forte drop for 5 week, sometimes every 2 hours and sometimes 4 times a day. He should be starting methotrexate soon, possibly this week.

I am 33 and i have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthiritis of knees and hypermobility

thanks for reading



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    Hi hun, welcome to the site, sorry for both you & your son that you've had to find us though..
    I can't help with any of the queries though..
    Try posting questions on the Living With section mi dear, not too many check in this section...

    Hope you get the help you are after, nice to meet you.. See you around the forum, make yourself at home....

    Be well


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