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I'm personally dreading going for the work assessment as I have read if you have a head you have to work, the assesment is that brutal.
I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was aged 2.
getting out of bed is a nightmare showering and dressing is a bigger nightmare, I need a closomat loo as I cannot toilet without help,
but once up and dressed I look pretty fit, it's just the getting up bit thats the problem, then the relying on someone to come and help me, at present I cope because I take the day as it comes, I have a sister and a mum who live in the same street so I have helpers, if I wanna sit in my pyjamas all day I do, if I am feeling achy which is often, I just sit with my legs up and watch telly all day, I'm happy with my life, I cope ok, but forcing me to look for work or making me go to train, will just make my life a misery. I have recurring cellulitis in my lower legs and it is ever so painful, my gp told me I should get a recliner chair and keep my feet up as much as possible, what job would I be fit for....
Well I haven't had the dreaded letter yet, but pound to a penny they knock me off my benefits and tell me to go to work, i don't walk with sticks, I don't have a wheelchair, reasons being my hands could not grip sticks or push a wheelchair. I have a motability car which gives me my freedom. But I'm sure the DWP and ATOS will make me not disabled..... as I hear they get a lovely backhander for everyone they kick off benefits.
I'll keep you updated to what occurs.
Because my appeal will be immediately in and my MP will be sick of hearing from me!!


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    fingers crossed for you hun, gently of course!

    I was kicked off ESA and pushed back onto JSA but have recently found out it was because they based my assessment on just being in plaster (susspected broken wrist) rather than my update telling them it was now arthritis!!

    I shall be visiting my GP on monday to get some advice, feels like there is something now going on in my knees and my usual meds arent touching the pain.

    So, and i think i speak for a lot here, I sympathise with you, and you have my thoughts xx
    Keep Smiling :D
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    Just looking into this and came across these quotes are from the DWP website...

    "We will write to customers when their benefit becomes due for reassessment"

    "Customers will then be sent a medical questionnaire to complete and return and this will be used to decide if they need to attend a Work Capability Assessment.
    If they need to attend an assessment, the customer will be phoned to arrange an appointment. They will not need to attend an assessment if a decision can be made on the information provided on the medical questionnaire."

    Anyone reaching state pension age between Feb 2011 and March 2014 will NOT be migrated to ESA.

    This new test is causing a lot of worry for people and it is important to have the support of your GP or Consultant.

    Here is a link to the official guides used by ATOS...Page 14 has info about the criteria used for medicals.
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    Thats interesting because they were threatening to take everyone for a medical wasn't they?
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    Hi, I won ESA on a tribunal less than 6 months ago. Last week A month ago I had the letter and form. Yesterday I had the appointment for 3rd July. I have to go for the medical or lose the money. My GP wrote to them explaining that I was worse (OA) not better, and not fit to do any kind of work, but they didn't take any notice. She's on hols this week but I've booked a phone call on Monday to talk things over, as I'm still waiting for test results and I need to go back about my damaged nerves in my arm or neck they don't know which is causing the most problem!
    Sorry, I'm going on about me! A common problem at the moment! :oops:
    I wish you all the Good Luck in the world, get as much help as you can, tell dwp just how bad you are and don't gloss over anything and check everything they send you. Send the form back with a proof of postage certificate from the post office, don't give them the excuse it didn't come or was late sent.
    Lots of love Sue xxx