OA and a student nurse.

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After months with a sore hip and sacrum, I rang my GP up last night to see if x ray results were back. A receptionist told me over the phone that the diagnosis was OA. :shock:
Shocked and so upset is an understatement. I am a student nurse 11 months off qualifying (a 4.5 year course) with 10 months placement ahead of me.
I am gutted. I dont know where to turn. I will arrange to see gp next week but I am scared that a. I won't be able to finish my course, and b. will I ever be employable if I do qualify. :cry:
My husband has told me Im being too pessimistic but when I have had chronic pain and the misery of nauseating pain meds for weeks its not so easy to be hopeful.
I just wondered if there were any other nurses out there? Nellie x



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    Please be reassured that you can qualify and work as a staff nurse. You need to refer yourself to occy health, and also see disability advisor at uni, they will look at reasonable adjustments for you to help you.

    I am a staff nurse with RA, I do have it severely and i manage to work part time, I work early shifts where poss, I have an electric wheelchair to help me get around the ward.

    You are in shock at the moment but please get the support you need, they are there to help you, they are not there to cut your career short.

    You will feel a bit more positive soon, I know it may be hard, you can negogiate your shifts to a certain degree, I would be upfront and honest with uni, occy health and ward manager. Then, if you do run into problems on your placement, then they have an obligation to help you through. I am a mentor also so I would want my student to do the best they could and most things an be worked around.

    Good luck

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    Oh Janie
    Thank you for your reply. I think you are right about being in shock. I don't feel over the phone was an ideal way of being told,this impacted on my feelings I feel.
    I'm sorry that you are suffering with RA. Continuing with your career while (hopefully) being supported by management and your colleagues is fantastic. I imagine that you have had an extremely tough time, being ill and keeping in practice.

    It is great knowing that you know exactly what my situation, is.
    I have already sent an email to my tutor asking for a meeting to discuss my condition as I believe in being up front. I am going to see if I can defer my next placement for a couple of weeks while arranging for a intra-articular Prednisone injection in my hip, if my Gp
    will support my request.

    I am a 'part time' student doing adult nursing in 4.5 years,working 30 hours a week. At the moment I am a little better in the mornings than later in the day, so long days may be difficult. Like you say Janie, I have to be open and to see what can be done to accommodate me.
    You have made me feel so much better I am so grateful to you.

    Nellie x