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Hello all, i'm martin and i'm 33 and have recently found out that i have OA in both knees. My right knee is worse than my left, just come across this web site because i love sport and the dr i saw just gave me some pain killers a print out and told me to manage my sport intake and that i should just go swimming. I love playing football doing kickboxing and mma but the last 2 ive not manage to do for a few months due to the strain on my knees. So it will be nice to hear from you all


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    Hi booner, it's nice to meet you. This must be a real blow to you as you like your sporty stuff so much, and knees are vital in all sports, yes? I am a fat, middle-aged woman, with PA (psoriatic arthritis) and I found out last month that I too have significant OA damage in my knees - but luckily for me sport has never featured that highly in life (apart from tennis), walking has been a thing of the past for years and as for swimming - uh-uh, that just aggravates the PA! For you, however, swimming could be a good thing: keeping the muscles strong around the joints does help to support them, this can help with the pain (if only just a little) and it is best to be as active as you can. OA is often called the 'wear and tear' arthritis, and I guess you are now suffering thanks to all your sporty activity - no-one warns you about that do they, as they bang on about your five a day and keeping fit.

    OA is a very common form of this dross and there is very little to be done medically for it. Pain killers (such a misnomer) are dished out and occasionally anti-inflammatories, apparently OA can also cause inflammation in a joint so those tablets try to help with that. Your condition will be dealt with by your GP and his attitude sounds about right for the medical profession: some are very good and understanding, others appear quite dismissive about it all. Come and talk to us: we know our stuff and can help with all apsects of coping and managing. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Martin

    Welcome to the forum. If you copy and paste your thread onto the Living with Arthritis Zone more people will see it and reply.

    GPs are a bit like that sometimes. Dismissive. They write a script and show you the door. Do not let them. They can do more for you. You can be referred to physio, there are knee supports that can help, acupuncture referral or there used to be, referral to a pain clinic. You are a little too young to be thinking about knee replacements but perhaps seeing a consultant may not be a bad thing to see what he has to say. Again the gp can refer you. I take it you have had xrays for the gp to arrive at his diagnosis.

    Hope to see you posting more on the other zones,

    Look after yourself,
    Elna x
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    Hi Martin
    I just want to say welcome, you will get lots of information off the forum, and we all try to support one another.
    I hope to see you posting more very soon.
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    Hello Martin and welcome from me too.

    As the others have said you will find us a friendly bunch and you will get lots of support and advice.

    Love Tilly xxx