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Hi everyone!

I'm 43 yrs old and have been diagnosed with athritis in both knees since just before last Christmas. It's been getting me down - the pain that is, since i changed my job a couple of weeks ago and it now involves me standing for most of the afternoon.
I was put on Naproxen and CoDydromol for pain but last week i asked for something stronger....he gave me CoCodamols (30mg & 300mg Paracetamol) these seem to be working a bit even though i only take one at a time at the moment since Friday but the old tummy is feeling a bit funny with them.
Does anybody else out there feel that having athritis is a non simpathetic condition? Especially that - yes- i am obese, yes- i know i need to loose weight and yes -i need to excersice more. But it's blymin tough when youre constantly in pain and tired (for all the above reason i know) sooo frustrating.
I've had knee pain for well over 2 years and knew the weight issue didnt help at all (probably the cause), but finaly went to see the Docs like i said just before Xmas as i couldnt carry on anymore through the pain.
Has anyone else had similar?
And how do you get through it?

Thanks xx


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    Hi Daffodil

    Welcome to the forum. Not so many of the forum members visit this zone, but if you copy and paste your thread onto the Living with Arthritis zone more people would see it and reply.

    I am sorry that your knees are troubling you. Yes, arthritis can be very vicious at times. I have had both my knees replaced in the last few years. I have Osteo Arthritis. Is that your diagnosis too? I can well imagine that standing all afternoon will not be helping your knee pain.

    If your stomach is playing up you should perhaps ask your GP for some stomach protectors which do help. Lansaprazole is one of the meds given for this.

    I look forward to seeing you posting more on the other zones.

    Look after yourself
    Elna x
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    Hi daffoldil, it's nice to meet you and you are far from alone with your problem. I am a fat 52 year old woman with PA (psoriatic arthritis) and I found out last month I also have OA, which has mainly affected my knees. I lost over three stone once and that made no difference to pain levels whatsoever, but that was back in the day when I only had the PA (a different type to OA) so I am now trying to lose weight again (have been for ages anyway) and I hope that this time round I do feel some benefit. I will not hold my breath on that front though.

    It is hard to lose weight and get fitter when one's movement is curtailed. I have been on crutches since 2002, I cannot walk far now as my knees, ankles and toes are all affected, and as for exercise - well, I forget it. :smile: Swimming aggravates the PA (the affect joints balloon with fluid as soon as I leave the pool and gravity hits), cycling is a no-no as my knees do not bend sufficiently to pedal, it is hard to find summat I could do. (or am I just making excuses?) As surgery is now (possibly) in the offing then that is the further spur I need to get the weight off. Understandably surgery won't be done on a fattie - it makes the surgeon's job much harder and slows recovery, so that is the incentive I now have to shift the pounds. Your incentive surely is that you don't want things to worsen any further: the more weight you are lugging around the more damage you could be causing to your poor sore knees, so that is self-defeating, yes? It is hard not to comfort-eat, I do know that, but that is the most destructive thing of all. 'I will have that cream cake 'cos I am in pain and I deserve it.' NO. 'I won't have that cream cake, despite the pain, as that will only make the pain worse.' is the better view but oh so damned difficult to take! :smile:

    Cocos can cause tummy trouble - I am lucky in that I don't get an upset tum as such, just chronic constipation if I take too many! They only take the edge off the pain however, they do not take it all away. I have a range of pain relief for the various levels arthritis can cause, but over the years I have adjusted to the pain and it rarely bothers me now. It is always there, twangning and pinging away, but I am used to it. Adjusting is hard, but essential. Arthritis does not go away, as such, its level may fluctuate and you will have better and worse days, but it will always be there and you have to learn to work with it, not against it. It's not easy though and that is where the forum can help. LWA (living with arthritis) is where you will find help and info on treatments, meds, stratagies for coping and general support, the other forums are self-explanatory. Take care, I wish you well. DD
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    And a very warm welcome to the forum, you will find that lots of people have a hard time being taken seriously by there GP.
    But I have learned to stand my ground, and get some treatment, its not perfect but lots better than I had in the early days.
    I do hope you stay with us, and I look forward to seeing you post more very soon.
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    Hello and yes Im another Newbee but Im so glad to have found this website :grin: I am 55 and have OA now in most of my joints having had a total knee replacement when I was 49 left knee was riddled with arthritis Consultant didnt have a choice but had to replace it, now the other knee is advancing that way too :x very frustrating being short and overweight does not help either being overweight DOES NOT cause arthritis but does not help it ... Hey Welcome :grin: and hope you get some positive feedback from these forums I have... which is very reassuring. I have been on various meds over the years was taking Arthrotec for a few years but does not suit everyone it is diclofenic in stronger doses I stick mostly to Paracetamol when I get a flare up I have to rely on an anti inflamatory.. I am finally having a streriod injection to try and eleviate some of the raised inflamation. Ask your Dr for some blood tests to see how bad the arthritis is at the moment.
    Its a case of having to adjust your life to suit YOU
    Please dont get too down about this as unfortunately you may have many years of living with Arthritis
    Take Care
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    Hello Daffodil and welcome from me too.

    We are a friendly bunch here and you will be made very welcome. I have RA, rather than OA but there are lots of peeps with OA on the forum and hopefully, by joining us, you will feel less alone with what you are going through.

    Love Tilly xxx

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