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I was a registered childminder for 16 years and after an unsuccessful full knee replacement I have had to close my business. I also have OA in my other knee both wrists ankles and neck. I cannot think of or find any job that I will be able to manage will I be able to get any benefits ? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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    Hi :cry: Oh dear thats sad to hear that your knee replacement was not a success how long ago did you have it ? I had a very successful knee replacement when I was 49 thank goodness, also like yourself suffer with OA in most of my other joints but I am on benefits and have been claiming DLA for the past 6 years :P Have you researched these or made enquires with the DWP they can be very helpful indeed and you can apply on line or speak to an adviser.
    I wish you luck with this
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    Hi dipsy

    So sorry to see this, must have been so hard to close your business on top of having a less than helpful knee op.and you will miss the little ones.

    Am sure the Citizens advise Bureau would be able to point you in the right direction with regard to benefits and will often help you with the forms which I gather can be a bit daunting. You may need to make an appointment as they are notoriously busy but are usually very helpful. As michy has said it does sound like you would be entitled to DLA.
    Not sure if you are feeling up to looking for other work perhaps a desk job but the job centres also have a disability advisor whom you could see for advise if that is an option.
    Good luck with it all