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hi my name is shirley i am 62 and have oa relly would like to have someone to talk to


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    Hello shirley and welcome.
    I too have oa nearly everywhere, it's not too bad at the moment.
    Please post again if you want to talk to people, if you have a specific question about oa put it on the 'living with arthritis' or if you just want a chat try the 'chit-chat' bit
    Take care
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    You have come to the right place, Shirley, everyone on here is affected by one version or another of this dross. Not many, however, look in on this bit of the forum so please look around and join in on any conversation that takes your fancy! LWA (living with arthritis) is the 'serious' bit where we deal with meds, doctors, appointments, umhappiness, operations and the like, the other forums are self-explanatory. We're here, come and chat. DD
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    Hi Shirley
    Welcome I'm 63 and I too have OA in spine and knees you have come to the right place look forward to seeing your posts around the forum. :smile:

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