Verruca Trouble .

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Hi, I know this is a minor problem , but wonder if anyone has the same problem with multiple verrucae?

About 18 months ago we were referred to a podiatrist by the community children's nurses who were giving Em her Metho at that time. The advice was to leave them alone and they would go of their own accord, but they haven't !! They have continued to multiply , and one area is a crop the size of a 50p.

Emma is on steroids continuously, so with immunity problems re fighting infection and healing, can anyone help?

We are at Gosh on fri to start infusions so I will try to remember to ask about them, but would be interested to hear from you all,

Anita :grin:


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    I don't think it's a minor problem at all, your poor girl. They can be very painful indeed - the trouble is all the attention gets focused (understandably) on the arthritis and not much else compares to that!

    I think the immuno-suppression has a deal to do with this. Verrucas don't clear that easily even when one is not on such meds (Mr DD was prone to them, ghastly things). I am disappointed that your GP has not been more helpful on this matter. Please raise it at GOSH, hopefully they can suggest what should be done (freezing them off would be a start, I would have thought) but, on thinking about it, surely they need to be aware of this before they pump more immuno-suppressants into her, so perhaps make them aware of it sooner. I wish you and your little one well, especially with the infliximab. DD
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    Hi , Just an update on the Verruca feet, Dr at Gosh has prescribed an anti viral cream (Imiquimod) to apply and liquid (Salicylic Acid) to help remove the hard skin.

    They are quite concerned to treat the verrucae, as they are a focus for possible infections,( and to be avoided if possible, esp on steroids and Infliximab infusions)

    Thanks to all,