The West Country take over !! !!

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:smile: Hello! and yes my title is said with good humour as my 1st 2 posts have been to say hello to others from the same area! Bit tired now so will keep it short but will be back and look forward to talking some more very soon. C


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    Hello again! Gosh maybe my post title put people off and they didnt see what I was meaning! Anyway I am asthe title says from the SW of the Country like several others, have 13 medical conditions in total and so whilst new here and saying hi, I am most def notnew to pain, hospitals, admissions, appointments, uncertainty, lengthy spells of doubting diagnosis etc etc etc! I enjoy crafts esp anything which can be used for card making such as iris folding , quilling , decoupage etc. Having said that atm because not so well I have been glad of some relaxing music and a good book on my kindle [ great as I can aslter the font size too !] and a lot of rest! Hope someone will say hello....or my strange humour maybe is not so welcome! Bye for now. Chris
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    Hi Chris,

    Very few people read the "Say Hello" Forum, and a lot of threads on there go unreplied to, unfortunately. I am sure that if you posted in "Living With Arthritis" or "Chit Chat" you would get more people posting to your thread. I am certain that they would appreciate your humour.

    Jean123 :grin::grin:
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    Hi Chris :smile:

    Welcome to the forum. Please join us all on the other zones. :grin: That is were we all hang out! :wink: The most popular zones are the Chitchat and Living with Arthritis zone. Many of us flit from one to the other.

    I look forward to seeing your name on the other zones. I am sorry you have not had many replies, it is just that we do not look in here so often, although we should, because then we meet cheerful people like you. :grin:

    I hope you have a good weekend.

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x
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    Hi Chris
    I have OA in my spine and knee I too like crafts and especially card making like decoupage best have just started iris folding and cross stitch. also reading. welcome to forum hope to see your post on chit chat and living with areas. :smile::smile:

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