Fit to Work Interview tomo. Boss not been very helpful! HELP

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I work 2 days a week on a saturday and a sunday. I was told last sunday that I would have a fit to return to work interview or something along though lines tomorrow as last sunday I phoned in sick due to tramodol giving me dizziness and sickness.

By 4pm I was feeling better and I do a split shift so I normally finish at 2pm and start again at 6pm. As I felt better I went in at 6pm and my boss came in to do some shopping, he saw me on tills so he said he would give me a fit to return to work interview or something like that.

He knows about my arthritis in my feet but I think he is getting annoyed with me.

This job is only in my local shop and once I have my operations on both feet to fuse joints, whiles off sick, I will find another job as I am not happy there anyway.

Im just not sure what happens, I wondering if I will get sacked??!

His managements skills suck and he favors alot of people. He is 43 years old but a lot of his friends 19 years to 23 years work at the same shop!

Im just really worried as I cant afford to loose my job.

I hate the fact I cant even work 2 days a week without pain and swelling, I am only 25 years old. This has been going on since I was 22 years old. :sad:


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    What I am trying to say is, what is one of these interviews and does he have a right to sack me because of my arthritis? Thanks.