school dinners...things have'nt changed!!!!

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went to have lunch at my daughters school,it was some sort of "parent spending quality time" type thingy hippy drive,anyway considering theres quite a few children at the school, there was only 7 parents that took part including me!!!! i suspect that the other parents who made excuses and didnt come were wiser and had a clue of just how awful it would be!!!!!...we had roast pork(lived up to its name of chewing gum!) roast potatoes i think !not sure as they were black and extremely hard could have been lumps of charcoal and cabbage which looked like it had been cooking since my husband was at that school in the 70's and then pudding!!!!!!!i was praying for gypsy tart but no it was some sort of chocolate pudding( in a polysterene pot like the ones you get your icecream in when you are in hospital) really not appealing, my daughter whos 4 was wiser than me and opted for the salad which looked better and thank god they no longer put apples and oranges in it,NEVER EVER AGIAN!!!!!!fortunatly for me theres shops just down from the school where i was able to fill up on chocolate and crisps,and i have decided my daughter will be having packed lunches from now on at least until they get someone that can actually cook!!!


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    Did the school opt out of the council meals? I heard the council provides bad food like that.

    Our school opted out years ago and the food's pretty good but, unfortunately, too bland for my girls who are used to strong flavours (we love garlic in our house). I do treat them occassionally (xmas dinners, last day of term, when I can be @rsed to make packed lunches) and they get excited, but invariably come back not very impressed... and hungry! My 9 year old is 5 foot 3 and says she gets the same portion sizes as kids half her height!

    It's not the same as school dinners which I used to have - whatever happened to chocolate sponge and pink custard??

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    I had to go through it twice for my girls, and yes, it was awful. I think I spent the time pushing the food round the plate.

    Thank goodness both go to secondary school now.

    Karen xx
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    im not sure who does the dinners but who ever it is should be sacked lol!i could not bear to go through that ordeal twice Karen lol!!!!

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