Buffalo Ice Pilots or Ice Road Truckers

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    I am not that well travelled but I reckon that the UK must have one of the most diverse ranges of scenery/topography/countryside/ in the world. I have to say I adore my part of it, East Anglia, especially the North Norfolk coast with those wide open skies and broad exapanse of beaches, well it's truly astonishing. And, best of all, flat!
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    Oh boy my hands are going to suffer lately.. Lol

    There are indeed some truly stunning places in this glorious country of ours. We have some amazing coat lines, from cliffs to coves & pure flat beaches. I do love them all.. I do admit though, my favourites are the flat ones, the lincolnshire coast is great. I also love Northumbria, some of those beaches are my favourites.. As for countryside, Yorkshire has some of the best but I'm biased, lol..
    There are so many places we have yet to visit though, though coast by you being one of them dear DD.. I'm ashamed tp say that we have never been, even when our Daughter was in uni at Norwich..
    One day soon..
    We have already booked our five days in Keilder Forest for ems t of October, I adore that place...

    The northern territories are not known to me.. I'm probably put off by the fact it's toward the wrong side of't' pennines, lol

    Hi to the newbie by the way, nice to meet you Rkid..
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    Hi Golly , I to live in the Northwest Territories . Much Hoole if the know it . We have a motorhome and travel all over the UK , we have been almost everywhere except London . We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country but it is nice to come home to our great North West . Nice to meet you hope to talk again around the forum. ...........................jillyx

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