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Hi all
Im a 42 year old male ...nearly 43 who has just had ankle athrodesis on May 12th 2011 and is recovering now. Fortunately I do not suffer from arthritus but my partners son is currently awaiying MRI results that are checking for Juvenile arthritus.



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    Ey up Craig.. Welcome to the forum. I've no idea what it is that you have, lol..
    I assume it's bone related?

    I've got osteo-arthritis in my spine, knees, possibly hip, pseudo gout in the knees, sero-negative arthritis in hands and wrists causing golfers elbow in both, lol....
    It's a real barrel of laughs.. :lol::grin:
    Sorry, I'm quite a positive chap if you haven't guessed..

    Hope you are well Rkid, and that you & the young un aren't suffering too much at the minute..
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    Hi Craig

    Welcome to the forum. Out of interest what caused you to have to have this ankle op? I wish you well with post op recovery. I had three toes on one foot dealt with at the end of March and although the foot is still very swollen, things are coming along ok. Surgeon is pleased with his work, anyway. :lol:

    I am sorry to hear about your partners son having to have an MRI. It must be a worry waiting for a diagnosis. There are parents on the forum with children suffering from JIA.

    I see that you have already posted elsewhere on the forum. :grin:

    Look after yourselves,

    Elna x
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    My operation was needed as the talus bone was dead due to lack of blood flow to that bone....I have been in constant pain for nearly 3 years but because of high BP my operation has taken this long. apparantly they are 3 common bones that this happens to and yes I have one of them.
    As discussed with my surgeon this was done for better quality of life and not to put foot correct.
    To be honest my football career was over a long time ago but I do have 3 + 1 kids and 2 of them play and I do like to get involved.

    Im hoping within a few months this will be possible.

    If anyone has simlilar condition and requires any info about my operation I will be more than willing to advise everything that I know and will keep everyone updated on my recovery.

    Heres hoping all on here can have a better quality of life in the future if possible


    PS thanks for the welcome

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