2nd reumy appt

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bloomin typical I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis 3 months ago, in my knee, middle finger and elbow (all left side...) any I Was prescibed sulpha 3 months ago, 4 a day, for the last 6 weeks I have had to take no pain relief, until this weekend. yesterday elbow and knee both seized up, I am pretty sure it was becasue I was hungover :lol: so never made it out of bed all day yesterday. Until then I have been going to spin classes twice a week, and a personal trainer twice a week, which have really really helped my mobility.

Anyway at the rhuemy today who decided my elbow was just an inflammed as the last time (not sure if this was just because of the above mentioned) anyway he decided to up my Sulpha to the max dose, and give me a steriod injection into my elbow!!!!!

This was not what I was expecting, I am just so glad my fiance was there, otherwise I would have freaked out ( i am terrified of needles).
Anyway my next appt is October so my question (After a long ramble) is. how long will the steriod last?


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    For some they can give relief for up to three months. For me it was never more than three days and for others they do nothing. We are all different in how we react but I hope it helps you. DD
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    well, i've had my anle and knee injected 3 times now...
    The most recent injection abated my inflamation for about 2 weeks... Yet previously the effects lasted almost 2 months.. prior to that it was a few weeks..
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    I had both my knees injected around last Xmas time.
    I could hardly weight bear at all and was in a lot of pain.

    The injections made a great difference, my left knee
    being instant relief.

    So thats 5 months ago and I still only have a bit of pain
    and can get around the house better. Steps still problematic
    of course, but I would say it was well worth having them 'done'.

    I have had knees done before and felt no relief, so, yes,
    it can vary such a lot.

    Hope you have good results too.

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    Thanks guys,

    It certainly seems to have done the trick, the only thing is the injection site is still throbbing a little so hopefully that will ease soon.

    here's hoping it lasts a wee while :-)

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    hi Leah. Try to rest the elbow after the injection. Might be late saying this now, not sure when you had the injection, lol..
    You really have to give the steroids the best start possible by allowing it to get right into the joints. I've had varying results recently but I'm always willing to give it another 'shot' :lol:

    Best of luck with everything..

    Let us know how you go on hun.
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    Hi Gizmo,
    A difficult one this as we all seem to be different. I had one in my wrist and it has been great since that was well over 12ths ago. The one in my finger did not take at all.
    Fingers crossed you are one of the lucky ones. One thing though please try and rest it as much as possible as this gives the injection time to work its magic.
    oh Tony has already said that.
    I hope the injection sight eases off soon for you.
    Lv, I x
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    just wish the dr told me about resting it as I went to spinning the same night as the injection, as much as you don't actually use the arms they are needed for balance. oh well you live and learn lol. :lol: