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Does anyone have an opinion about what NSAIDs are least likely to cause stomach problems? I have had difficulties with any I have tried in the past. I was diagnosed with PA a couple of weeks ago and was advised to go to my GP to try to find a NSAID that I can tolerate. My rheumatologist said she wanted to try this first before putting me on disease modifying drugs. I haven't been to my GP yet, because I am dreading taking anything that seems so likely to cause stomach problems. I have severe food allergies and I often have reactions that affect my stomach, so it feels wrong to do anything that is probably going to start me off again. This probably seems stupid, but I just don't know what to do for the best. I wish I could just do without, but I currently have pain in my back, shoulder, elbow, fingers and feet. I think I need to try something! I would be grateful for any advice.



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    Hi Lyndi,
    I too have PA I am on Celebrex an NSAID as well as methotrexate,sulfasalazine, anti tnf treatment and steroid tablets prenisolone, my rheumatologist put me on a stomach protector called Lanzoprazole. Most gp's will put you on a stomach protector if you start an NSAID, could you mention this to your GP? Lanzoprazole is not the only one I believe there are quite a few to choose from.
    I've not had any problems on Celebrex, not sure if this is due to the stomach protector, but I should mention I have IBS too, and this has not set it off :grin:
    Good luck, thinking of you, and let us know how you get on? Hugs ((())) x
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    Hi, This is something that is difficult for a non medical person to help with. I'm not able to take any of these drugs, as I've had a perforated ulcer, but these days I think doctors give you another tablet to help your system cope with these drugs. Things have changed since my problems 17 years ago. (Oh, gosh, THAT makes me feel old!) If you have a GP you can talk to that should help you or your Pharmasist, who is an expert in drugs and often knows them better than your GP!

    I cope with my OA, taking slow release Tramadol, paracetamol and amatriptylne, but your medics should be able to advice you on whats best for you. NSAIs do help a lot of people and don't hurt them. I was just unlucky and we are all different.
    I hope you get something to help you soon. Love Sue
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    Hi Lindi
    Sorry I have OA so cant give you any advice about nsaids for PA but I'm on diclofenic but I'm also on omeprazole to protect my stomach.....
    Go to your GP...I'm ringing mine today to make an appointment because my pain relief isnt brilliant and I want to know if I can come of anything
    Good Luck
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    Hi Lyndi

    I am with the others here.....ask your gp for a tummy protector.
    I am on celebrex and hydroxy . I asked my gp for a tummy protector but said because I haven't had tummy probs he wouldn't give me one (I would have thought prevention would have been a good idea but hey he knows best eh? NOT always)
    I am also on metx, and leflunomide and have RA

    I hope you find a med that you can tolerate soon.
    And start to feel better quickly

    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    I have PA, but cannot help on the meds front. We are all so different in how we react to meds, what suits one may not suit another and the only way you will find out what you can tolerate is to try one. The others are spot on with one thing tho - I am sure you will be given omeprazole or lanzaprole to protect your stomach, Celebrex was for me a wonderful anti-inflammatory but my GP took me off it due to cost and I now have naproxen (which does very little) with omeprazole, and I also have sulphasalazine. That appears to keep the P bit of the PA bit at bay.

    I think the only course for you is to chat things over with your GP, take his advice about the least likely to cause you any discomfort, and then try. There are a quite a few choices out there, I hope you find one to suit. I wish you well. DD
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