A new, effective pain duller?

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There is a report in today's Daily Mail about a new pill called Palexia SR. It is, apparently, a dual-acting duller that should have considerably fewer side effects than the opoid-based ones (with which we are all familiar). It costs £1.78 per day and works on both tissue and neuropathic pain and the article says it is available now. I doubt, somehow, that my GP would prescribe it thanks to the cost, and the article does not mention whether it is available over the counter. It may be worth a thought though, for those of us who cannot tolerate the cocos or trammies. It is good to know that something else could be out there if needed. DD
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    Thats interesting DD , but as you say i dont think GPs will let us have them. I am going to mention it when i next see her , i will post her answer .
    How are you today , hope you are ok and not in to much pain..........jillyxx
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    I have to admit, jilly, that it's all hurting as much as it usually does, but I am one of the lucky ones who can cope with cocos and trammies, so the edge is sufficiently dulled to let me get on with stuff. I hope you are not too bad today either - it's raining here now, and very, very dark. I hope your hens are well - and you too (or as well as you can be) Take care. DD
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    Hi DD,

    Thanks for that, good to see something is happening which may help. As you indicated, it may, it may not suit some, but, it's going in the right direction. I have found since I joined AC and read quite a lot of the forums there is such a collective sort of meds out there for the varied forms of arthritis. I know my own areas/type of arthritis affected and the meds thereafter I take personally, but, find similar people with with similar areas/types of arthritis taking completely different meds, which tend to confuse me a little...I question as to whether I should be going and talking to my GP about other meds which may help. Time will tell with that one DD, let's hope it will help some. Thanks. John x
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    Hello DD hope you had a good bank holiday weekend - joints - weather and all else considered.

    Scary thought :eek: it is the 1st of June tomorrow ( where have the last 6 months gone) xmas film on tv today, wonder when the stores will start the xmas window dressing. I am getting to slow to keep up with time, tried putting the clocks back a couple of hours or so - dint elp :roll:

    I have left a link on here, re the drug you mention, if you manage to read to the bottom of the page, it does say price is comparable to oxyco. etc.

    I suppose it will be up to individual GP's as to whether or not they give patients a shot at it, but from what I read, looking at the big picture - it should be quite cost effective - if not even a saving :!:

    The asthma thing would worry me a bit, trams and benzo's tend to make my breathing very shallow, so I go canny with them - I know more would help me a lot, well, I do add the extra now and again - Shhhhhhh :lol:

    Can't remember where I first read about this new pill, and have not got round to my DM look through yet.

    Hope you doing ok DD - gentle touch on shoulder.


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    That is good news and I do hope that the people who are not responding to the pain drugs they are on will be offered this new one, no matter what the cost.
    I love this forum (I bet my gp hates it) because it is where we find out allsorts of new information, especially as I don't read a newspaper.

    Jilly good look when you mention it to your gp

    DD thanks for the info

    and Fudge thanks for the link

    Juliepf x

    DD I am sorry you are still having a rough time, a gentle hug from me (((()))
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    I don't know how to do the blue stuff. :oops: Sometiomes it has suddenly happened and I don't know why - thanks fudge, that was kiknd of you, and thanks for the hugs, pf, they are much appreciated.

    It is difficult, isn't it? What is soooo good for one person (I can't live without these pills, they have changed my life :grin: ) can cause so much trouble to another (they make me sick, I get severe constipation, my mind is all over the place :cry: ) but this could be another useful weapon in our rather limited armoury - here's hoping. DD
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    I wish I could go back to the days when a couple of dihydrocodiene would see me right for the day.. Lol
    I should be so lucky, haha..
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