Antibiotics help?????????????????????????

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I was just wondering if anyone knows about whether antibiotics, penicillin (amoxil) has any effect on arthritis???
I have it in my spine but I recently got some relief from it for a few days. I had been on penicillin for a gum infection at the time but I was wondering if the taking of antibiotics could be connected. I was in less pain and getting around more easily. Is antibiotics a treatment option??? Seems like a funny coincidence :roll:


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    I think I have read somewhere of someone who thought they had arthritis taking an anti-biotic for something and her arthritis went: it turned out it wasn't arthritis she had, it was Lyme's disease. Possibly reactive arthritis could be helped by anti-biotics, is that what you have? Or it could just be that you had a flare that happened to die down at the same time you took the tablets. It's a conundrum, this arthritis malarkey. I hope you continue to feel better. DD
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    Hello sky - I recall reading the thread about someone on antibiotics feeling the arther was a lot less troublesome.
    Makes sense, all arthritis-isis's ( :!: ) are based on inflamation , if it has an ' itis ' on the end of it, it is inflamed - appendisitis - tonsilitis - laryngitis etc etc. Then there the other ones that are autoimmune related as well.

    Good you are feeling a bit better, hope you can make the most of it with out over doing it. :wink:

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    No I'm in agony again now. was only a 7 day course. I'm off them now, just that I could have sworn it was better the last few days on them. It is Psoriatic arthritis of spine and neck etc
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    Hello sky, so sorry to hear you are agony again, might be worth mentioning this to your GP, see if he / she has any thoughts on it.
    Just read you have had your MRI and got results, I do think - along with a lot of others on here that you should be getting better drugs and treatment to help you manage this in some way.

    I know it is hard to speak up for yourself when you are in pain and feeling really awful, I hope you can try, have someone go with you if you can to your next appointment. Sounds like you are having a rotten time of it, I hope you can get better treatment.

    leavings hugs for you

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    Hi Sky
    I have OA i spine and knee and I am also prone to urinary infections and take a regular lowdose antibiotic (cefalexin)every night to reduce the amount of infections but I have not found the pain any different. As fdge says it might be worth asking your dr as we are all different and react in different ways
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    If only!! I have had numerous antibiotics on and off since last May.
    Unfortunately I have not found any benefit. In fact generally penicillin based antibiotics really upset my tummy and give me bad headaches and joint pains and I usually have to stop taking them and get an alternative.
    Having said all that it's not beyond a possibility.
    Hope you continue to feel better.

    Thanks for that link Kamelia it was very interesting.