DD had her checkup today

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We took Eithne for her consultant's appointment today and we saw the consultant, another doctor and the consultant physiotherapist.

The physio checked Eithne's limbs out, found no swelling (thank god) but did find that she has slight hypermobility in her legs - especially her hips - but nothing to be worried about at this time. She did quite a few tests with her and found her to be a very normal 3 year old who was quite advanced for her age with a good portion of her movements. At this time they are very happy with her in that respect, so we don't need to worry about any physio right now.

The consultant spoke to us a lot about how Eithne is once she's had her injections and how she is on a regular basis. Because Eithne is responding so well to the injections and has only had 2 sets this year, and it's only at this time in her knees and ankles, they don't want to put her on permanent medication just yet. They want to keep an eye on things and if she has any more injections this year, she will most likely end up having permanent medication. They don't want to see her for 6 months. :grin:

We can of course contact them straight away if there is any swelling or Eithne complains of any pain etc.

I am very thankful that Eithne's joints don't appear to be affected on a regular basis and hopefully she won't have any more flareups for awhile.



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    Great news. Let's hope she stays flare free.