Hi - 34 with RA (since childhood)

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I'm a 34 year old lady and was diagnosed with Jeuvenile Cronic Arthritis (JCA) when I was a baby which is now known in adult terms as Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although tough at times and lots of foot surgery, I managed to have a career as a PA full-time and luckily have understanding employers who support me when needed.

I'm finding things a but tough at the moment and feel a bit alone with it all as I've been on Oral Steroids for 2 years in the hope to fall pregnant (no such luck yet). I'm having a flare up at the mo and feel really frustrated as am trying Sulfasalazine but feel I'm experiencing horrible side effects.

Would love to speak to anyone who has/had similar experiences or has been on oral steroids long term successfully.

It's a horrible illness at times and I can feel like people don't really understand or don't want to listen so anyone that would like a chat that would be great.



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    Hello again Anna

    I know we have been "chatting" on LWA forum but just wanted to say that, hopefully, by joining our "merry band" you will feel less alone with things. We are a friendly bunch and you will be made very welcome.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hi Anna, I have replied to your other thread. Now you have found the forum you won't be alone anymore. I do take steroids long term, and at the moment cannot see a way without them, although I live in hope!!

    However, I already have children, so it is different for me. Maybe you could contact the advice line re meds safe to take in pregnancy?? For some reason, I seem to think that Azathiaprone is safe, but I could be wrong. Maybe NRAS would know? I am sure others have been in a similar situation.

    I hope you can get some helpful advice.
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    Hi Anna, just a quick welcome as my hands are hurting.
    You won't regret joining, we are a very friendly bunch hun.

    Hope you are not suffering too much today. See you around the forum.

    Be well :grin:
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    Hi Anna,

    Welcome from me too..
    I know that feeling of feeling like no1 understands.. many of us do..
    on here though you do not have to worry..
    I take depo mendrone injection every 12 weeks .. i did try the tablets, but i found the injection helps me more.. I feel the difference with the injection, i recently had a break for nearly 2 months as i didn't want to be reliant on them, The swelling and pain was horrendous so was told i'd prob be better to have injection again..I'm glad i did as the swelling and pain has subsided in most joints so that a good thing lol..
    It's good that you have supportive employers, that really helps, no added stress..
    Look forward to seeing you around..
    Take care