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sophie239sophie239 Posts: 3
A test result showed my HEP2 cells to have a speckled nuclear pattern. I have done some research but don't know whether the speckling was fine or coarse. I was told at the time it was nothing to worry about and due to my doctor's 'lack of bedside manner' didn't feel able to press him. I have since moved house and doctor but have not brought up the query since.

I have stiffness and aching in both knuckles and hips which, if I don't take glucosamine and don't avoid potatoes, turns to pain and affects my daily life. I'm happy to manage the problem as it stands but wanted advice from a specialist as to what condition it could be. My mother has arthritis and started with joint problems around the same age (I'm 42).


  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 2,066
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    Hi Sophie

    If you have been through tests etc and they have concluded you have arthritis, it should be written on your records what type it is, in which case you just need to call up the surgery where you are now registered to ask what your diagnosis is. If they say they don't know then give us a call so that we may discuss things in greater detail and hopefully point you in the right direction. From what you have written re HEP2 cells etc we cannot comment as we are not medical and do not deal with reading blood tests as this is a medical specialist area. Just give us call hopefully we will be able to help in some way.

    Best wishes

  • sophie239sophie239 Posts: 3
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    Thanks for your reply. Will contact new doctor and see if they are able to enlighten me. Just feel that doctors in general are not bothered until you get to the stage where the disability is obvious. It's only then are interested in doing something about it.
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