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being told I've wear and tear in both shoulders! I've had cortisone injections and now waiting to go back to the rheumatology clinic (in two months).

The injections didn't make much difference, Struggling now, and can't wait to go back to the clinic.



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    Hi Kev..

    Welcome to the forum..
    Wear and Tear arthritis is usually known as Osteoarthritis..
    Alot of peolple on the forum will be able to relate to you.. I have OA in my knees and inflammatory arthritis in other joints..It can be very painful..It is good that you have had injections, sorry it has not worked that much for you though.. How long ago did you have the injection?? Sometimes it can take a good few weeks for you to feel any benefits..
    If you are suffering too much though it may be worth going to your gp see if they can help in anyway..You taking any other meds??
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    I had the injections two months ago, I've being prescribed Ibuprofen, Tramadol and Co-Codamal. I don't like taking them thou, they just make me more tired. They don't seem to do a lot for the pain anyway.

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    Hi kev4, welcome to the forum. Wear and tear arthritis is OA, and there is not a lot to be done for it. Treatment is pain dullers and perhaps anti-inflammatories then eventually (and if possible and/or necessary) surgery. I have OA in my knees and PA (psoriatic arthritis, caused by an over-active auto-immune system) in other joints (including the knees) so I am now being 'looked' after by a rheumatologist (for the auto-immune one) and my GP for the OA. I am able to manage on four co-codamols a day, I have 50mg trammies for the rougher times, they do make me dopey so I save those for night, and slow-release 100mg trammies for the really rough times, which are excellent. I don't use the latter often tho - one can become used to the effects of them and I still want to feel the benefits they offer!

    I have often had cortisone injections into my knees and ankles, and general depo jabs into my backside - they have never done much for me, the most benefit I felt lasted for three days. We all react so differently to the meds, what works for one won't necessarily work for another. Let us know what the rheumatologist says - it's unusual for one to be dealing with an OAer. I wish you well. DD