worried about being dismissed on medical grounds

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Hi there, I am just recovering from a severe flair up which started in January. My place of work is a school kitchen. When I visited Occupational health in january they said my job was far too dangerous for someone with arthritis to the extent of mine to be doing. since then my employer started the slow process of retiring me on grounds of ill health. I loved my job although now see it was very hard going on my hands which were the main source of the flair up. i am only just starting to be able to grip things again. At present struggling to stand very long as my toes are having a flair.

I am worried about financial issues once they have finished me, I don't know what benefits I may or may not be entitled to, can anyone help with that?

I am also worried about the long term effect of being retired due to ill health. There arent many jobs that your you don't use your hands for and if you found one and the employer asked why you left your last job, your chances of getting that job are low.

I know my health should be most important but i really do worry about these other issues too.


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    Hi SMILER74 I am off work at the momemt have been of work about 3 mounth and am not sure if i will be able to go back .sorry cant be much help because im going through much the same as you at the moment ,i to work in school knichen,and your right very hard on hands and almost every thing,iv worked there seven years,love the job and the girls iwork with miss it all but not the very hard work.Hope all works out ok for you ,all the best jayne
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    Hi Smiler..

    I am being dismissed from work 23rd of June on medical grounds..I was offered ill health retirement but was told i may not get it as there is a chance that my arthritis could improve...
    My job is very physical and due to cuts in NHS there was no chance of redeployment for me..Can you not be Redeployed??
    Do you have a union rep, they are good at supporting you and making sure that everything is done by the book..
    It is a financial struggle and if you are dismissed you can claim ESA, but that entails medical assesments and form filling..
    Wish you well, pm me if you want to ask anything.
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    I was told what they offer me depends on how my assessment on monday goes with the independant medical officer, who apparently decides if i will be fit for work within a 2 year period or not. The council i work for has also lost the contract for school dinners in our area so their contract runs out on 22nd July and my contract if still employed will automatically transfer to the new company then. Redeployment is not an option :(

    Really want it all done and dusted by then, the thought of going through it all again with a new set of people is so daunting.

    Suppose just have to let it all take its course and see what happens...

    It's really nice to know that this happens to other people too, although not nice that others are suffering.

    Good luck you guys, speak soon. Jayne.x
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    Hi, I hope all goes well for you. I worked for the local council as a care assisstant and after a long spell off work I was dismissed on all health grounds. They allowed me to have my pension and pay me as much as I would get if I retired at 65. I did find that the Occy Health people were very understantding and did as much as they could to help me and give me time. Good luck love Sue
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    WEll Occpational health have said i am capable of doing a job- its ust finding a job that doesnt ruin my hands, they are assuming admin work is best, which i suppose it is, but every job like that requires people with experience, i did business and finance and admin courses years ago but i would be lost now, things change so quickly. I should be release within 6 weeks and just don't know where to go from here, maybe have to contact the job entre and see if they can offer any advice.

    Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine :)